What a Week...Changing of the AP's, New Companion, Great Trainings!

November 2, 2013                                                                                                                         
Elder LaBar with Pres. Prince and Elder Welling
Changing of the Guard...Elders Welling, LaBar, Menendez
Hello Family and Friends,
Well.....I have the changes this week. I am still in the office but I have a new companion. His name is Elder....LaBar...from Newbury Park. Its great, because we are awesome friends!!!!! Should be good. So this week has been kinda hectic. the beginning of the week was fine. We just finished off all of the interviews and everything with all the zones...so that is a relief...try doing the same practice 92 times....:)But it's all good. It was a lot of fun being with Pres and Hermana Prince, and then also getting to know all of the missionaries.
New AP Team...Elders Welling and LaBar
But anyways, I got my new comp on Thursday, and he was super stoked to come here and work with me. We are really excited and are going to work extremely hard. This weekend new elders came, so we had to do the training. It went well. I did the training with the new people that are going to train, so that was always fun. And then later we went to have the trainers meet their new comps. It was fun, they all seem like they will be great missinoaries. But it is nuts now, because the new ones that came were only in the MTC now for 8 days!!!! So, if you know the language
you will only be in the MTC for 8 days, because of the high amount of missionaries. President said by the end of this year there will be 100,000 missionaries in the world. That is nuts, so awesome. Also this week, I've had a weird sickness type thing on my skin....It's like hives, but idk..its weird....and Mom, I went to the doctor to get checked up. They gave me some antihisthemishajksdhfsd medicine...idk how to spell that. But I am doing good, no worries. I love you all and hope you all are doing great.
Whose got it better than us? NOBODY!!!!!                                                
Delicious lunch

See more photos on next couple of posts....too many to post here.
Elder WellingMission Cali Colombia

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