A Very Tough Week and Timely Visit from Elder Waddell


September 7, 2013

Sister Prince shared this with us, very comforting. In Isaiah 55:8-9 we read:

"For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord.
For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts."

Elder Welling, Office Crew, Pres. and Hermana Prince, Elder Waddell
Hey Family and Friends,

I am sooo Tired. First off all, a lot of you are asking how I am and stuff. And tired is the word. With everything that happened last week. I am doing OK with what happened, because when Elder Waddell came he and President Prince talked a lot about our Elder Encarnacion who died last Saturday by a bullet. They said that they have faith he is doing well in Heaven now. It is hard and sad, but I am glad Elder Waddell has been here, and grateful he and President Prince talked to us altogether. Glad we could have almost our whole mission here. So I am doing better. Really, I am, because I have faith. Love you all. 
Lunchtime with Elder Waddell

I didn't know Elder Encarnacion really well, but I did talk to him a couple of times. He arrived here on his mission when I was in Buenaventura a year ago last August, and is from Dominican Republic. He was a great missionary and a great person! The only difference now is that he is resting, and preaching the gospel in Heaven. I have faith that he is. I Know he is. I Love that we know the plan of salvation and what will happen after this life. He just has a different companion now, a different new area. I am praying for his family, because I know they are missing him very much. 
Elder Welling posing for photo op during lunch with Elder Waddell

As for all the elders and sister missionaries here-almost 200, they are pretty shocked about what happened. One elder is living with us right now, and would rather not go back to the area where the incident occurred with Elder Encarnacion. He was with him. I hope I can help this missionary so he can heal. But as for the area where they were... missionaries are staying there. Its one of the best areas. Nothing can stop the work! That I know to be true!. 

Elder Welling loves American food, too:)

Lately I have been trying to figure out exactly why I have been sent to this mission and at this exact time. During the conference of Elder Waddell I figured that out. I really think I was specifically sent to be with Pres Prince and Hermana Prince, and all of the other elders here to help me be better as a person and progress in my life and to be a good example and good leader to be able to help all our missionaries here. I love my mission so much! It is the best two years of my entire life!  
Elder Waddell
The conference with Elder Waddell was awesome. Built my testimonio and helped me to want to do a lot better. I want to know Christ more and be like Him. 3 Nephi 27:27, que clase de hombres debeis de ser? os digo aun como yo soy. Crist siempre nos llama a ser perfecto. Voy a esforzarme mas en estos ultimos meses de mi mision a conocer cristo mas y ser mas como el. Cuando actuamos como cristo y obramos como cristo, conoceremos como el es y obtendremos un amor por los demas y no volveremos a hacer lo malo, no tendremos una tentacion. Los amo mucho y sé que esta es la iglesia verdadera! 

Elder Welling

Mission Cali Colombia

More Zone Conferences, New Missionaries

August 31, 2013

Elder Welling loves to eat, can you tell?

Hey Family and Friends. So I am doing just great. Tonight we have a baptism. So that is going to be awesome. His name is Silvio. He is about 40yrs old, and some of the other elders found him while they were looking for a less active member. He lives in a Barrio (area within Cali) called Mortinal. He is awesome, and will be a leader in the church. He is just great. 

As for last week, we had more zone conferences. They went great. We were in Tulua, with the zonas Zarzal and Bugaall cities). It went really well, and I think they get the point. haha. But overall, things are great.
Elder Welling with new missionaries

Next week Elder Waddell is going to come to the mission. He is part of the first quorum of the 70 of our area. So that is going to be awesome. But we have a whole bunch of stuff to plan in preparing for him to come. Should be intense, but awesome. I am excited. He speaks with an español accent.......sorry dad, but i don't like their accents. haha feo. haha.
Elder Welling at far end of table, looks delicious.

But other than that, not too much is new here except for the ongoing strikes. But, I am doing great. Hopefully these paros (strikes) end soon so that the missionaries, especially from our Pasto and Ipiales areas and cities, can come up. We're bringing them up this Thursday if the strikes don't end before that-food, water, and safety. Thanks for praying and fasting with us.
Elder Welling and Elder Menendez teaching, love this one.

But yeah, Love you all and miss you all.

Elder Welling

Mission Cali Colombia

Zone Conferences and Loving My Mission!

August 24, 2013

Hey Family and Friends.

It feels like it has been a long time since I've written. haha lots to tell....well in a short way. haha. So these past two weeks have been a lot of fun. We have started to do zone conferences. They have been way fun. Last Saturday we were in Popayán doing them. It was awesome there and I had a lot of fun doing it. Of course, it takes some getting used to. Talking and teaching a lot in front of all of the other Elders, but it is way cool. Then we had 4 more zone conferences after Popayán in our other cities. They have gotten better as we have gone on. haha But Its sweet.

Elder Welling and Elder Menendez talking with Pres. Prince

I am having a lot of fun being AP along with Elder Menendez. We are getting along great and he is a great comp. Yesterday we were in the city of Palmira. So I got to see one of my old comps, which was cool, Elder Calle. But basically these past two weeks have been really hectic but awesome. We are going to the city of Tulua this coming week to do a 3-Zone Zone Conference. SO that should been really cool. Its awesome to get to meet all of the missionaries, teach them, and everything too. haha

Elder Welling (back right) at Popayan Zone Conference

nd also we should get the chance to go to Pasto this week..if the strikes stop.....lol More strikes in Colombia. Lucky for me, because this time I am in Cali instead of Ipiales where it's a lot worse than last time. Things are going great here in the Office, though.
Elder Welling (back left) and Office Crew during Popayan Conference

Love you all and miss you all. Hope that errrthang is going great.

Love you all and miss you.

"a little bit of resolve
is what i need nowwwwwww...:)"

Elder Welling

Mission Cali Colombia