More Zone Conferences, New Missionaries

August 31, 2013

Elder Welling loves to eat, can you tell?

Hey Family and Friends. So I am doing just great. Tonight we have a baptism. So that is going to be awesome. His name is Silvio. He is about 40yrs old, and some of the other elders found him while they were looking for a less active member. He lives in a Barrio (area within Cali) called Mortinal. He is awesome, and will be a leader in the church. He is just great. 

As for last week, we had more zone conferences. They went great. We were in Tulua, with the zonas Zarzal and Bugaall cities). It went really well, and I think they get the point. haha. But overall, things are great.
Elder Welling with new missionaries

Next week Elder Waddell is going to come to the mission. He is part of the first quorum of the 70 of our area. So that is going to be awesome. But we have a whole bunch of stuff to plan in preparing for him to come. Should be intense, but awesome. I am excited. He speaks with an espaƱol accent.......sorry dad, but i don't like their accents. haha feo. haha.
Elder Welling at far end of table, looks delicious.

But other than that, not too much is new here except for the ongoing strikes. But, I am doing great. Hopefully these paros (strikes) end soon so that the missionaries, especially from our Pasto and Ipiales areas and cities, can come up. We're bringing them up this Thursday if the strikes don't end before that-food, water, and safety. Thanks for praying and fasting with us.
Elder Welling and Elder Menendez teaching, love this one.

But yeah, Love you all and miss you all.

Elder Welling

Mission Cali Colombia

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