Saying Goodbye to My Colombia-Cali Mission That I Loved!

Monday and Tuesday
January 27-28, 2014
Sister Prince's fitting quote for this special and tender day!

Sister Prince-- "We celebrated and cried together through their final day...
lunch, interviews, english tests, and testimony meeting."

Sister Prince sent photos and this sweet note of their farewell with Elder Welling...She also posted these tender photos on their own fantastic blog, what a gift! We love and are forever grateful to President and Sister Prince for loving, caring, teaching, guiding, protecting, leading, and cheering Elder Welling on from day one through this last day of goodbyes. Thank you Sister Prince and President Prince - we love you and pray you will be blessed forever for all you have done! We keep you and all our Colombia-Cali Mission brothers and sisters in our hearts and in our prayers every day and always!!

Sister Prince- "I remember so well when this group was just beginning their missions
Sisters Villacis, Guzman, and Galán
Elders Alvarez, Lipe, Fuentealba, Avalos, Welling, Menendez, Rodriguez, Suarez, Zambrano, Alvarado, Guerrero, and Candia"

 Sister Prince--"And now that beginning has come to an end
and they are at the beginning of new life adventures."
Elder Welling going to hug Sister Prince good-bye.

Elder Welling crying as Sister Prince tries to bring a smile to his face-he loves Sis. Prince so much! 

Elder Welling hugging President Prince goodbye--he loves Pres. Prince so much, too!
Elder Welling boarding his plane to America and many tears, so sad to close this beautiful door!
Sister Prince --
"An emotional send off...glad that the pictures do not show how hard he was really crying.
We KNOW we will see Elder Welling again...and soon...easier to send him...harder to send others!
Enjoy your reunion.  He has grown into a wonderful man of longer a young son!

Hugs all around,
Hermana Prince"

Last Time....EVER...Last Pday EVER!!!!

January 20, 2014

Elder Welling on his very last Mission Pday in Israel with his great comps!
 Hi Family and Friends,

I'm sitting here in the internet store hearing salsa music in the street, and I can't help but think this is my last time writing everyone as a missionary. I can't believe these two years are over. In this email I will reflect on what has happened.

I started the mission super scared on January 18th 2012. I was received by a great friend in the MTC who was standing there to greet me and walk me in. I consider him to have been an angel. Looking back I can't believe it has been two years. After a great time in the MTC I got to Colombia. I was received by the best mission president and mission mom in the world, Pres Prince and Hermana Prince. Also, I was received by the best AP, Elder Belnap.

I had a great time in my first area, Although the mission seemed super slow at first. I was excited and also scared to be there for 2 years, that's a long time. The Family Briñez helped me a ton and were like family, and huge angels in my life. I will always remember them and be grateful always.

After my first area in Cali, I went to the best new area in the world, Buenaventura, with Elder Belnap. That was the best 3 months of my mission. I learned so much and got an awesome friend through it, Love you Belnap. I learned a ton in BV. But more than anything, I learned how to truly communicate with God. My prayers changed and so did my mission. I tried to become the best I could be.

Later, after a heart-wrenching despedida with Jose and Maryam (my BV angels and Colombian Family), I went to Ipiales, where I tried to change the limits of what could happen in missionary work. I loved it there, and had some really great times with great family and another great companion, Elder Rivadeneira.

Then, I got called by President Prince, finished special baptisms in Ipiales, and went to the Mission Office to serve for the next several months. There I learned a ton serving with Elder Menendez, and especially with President Prince. He taught me so much, and I just tried to analyze him and be like him. I love President Prince.

And then, my last change. I went to an area in Cali called Israel where I am now. I have learned a lot about perseverance here, working my tail off till the end of my awesome mission, keeping my prayers strong and fighting through the challenges we have faced here in Israel.                                      

But, as I sit here, I can't stop thinking and knowing that God exists, He is our Father, He loves us and wants us to be good and happy in this life. I know I have come closer to Him, and I have felt His love for me throughout my mission. I have also learned that this is His Church. I also know that it was restored through Josepsh Smith, His Profet...spanglish...I Know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is True, I love it.

I will try my hardest to always be good, to always help others, and more than anything, to always be a missionary. The work isn't over yet. I love it. I love Colombia. I love you all. 

Elder Welling. 
-- Elder Welling 
   Misión Cali Colombia

What to Say...and Inspiration at 2 A.M. in the Morning

Jan. 13, 2014

Elder Welling and his great mission buddies hike on Pday
Hi Family and Friends,

So, what to say. This last week was good. It was more normal than anything. But things are going good here in Israel. I got discouraged yesterday, because a lot of investigators we are teaching said that they were going to come to church, but in the end never came. It was sad. Only had 1 investigator person there. Which I am sure he is coming to church for his girlfriend, which is so good. But it was alright.

This upcoming week will be better I hope. But as for things with my companion, they are great. We get along really well and are having a good time together. haha 

Umm, super weird and amazing experience and fact...On last Tuesday night I woke up at about 2am in the morning. I had a really bad feeling that someone was in the hospital or in bad shape. The truth is I actually started to cry knowing that someone in the family was suffering, so I got down on my knees and started to pray ferverently that everyone in the family is good and being protected, and that there was nothing wrong healthwise in the family, and that everyone is doing great. I know I received inspiration big time after reading the emails I got from some of you all this morning.

With the passing away of Uncle Robert from his terrible accident last Monday night, and also with hearing how Grandpa fell, and suffered a bleed in his brain that morning I had the inspiration I knew the Lord blessed me to add my prayers for our cousins and all of us, and prayers for Grandpa to be protected and saved and I did it without knowing what was happening at home. The Lord woke me straight up out of my sleep. When I was reading the letters this morning I became super thankful for Heavenly Father "waking me up" at 2 in the morning to pray for you all and to help Grandpa, it was an amazing experience. I hope somehow you all felt more comfort, too. I will keep praying for you!

I hope that everyone is doing ok and no one is ill now. I know this church is true and God loves us. We have always got to be ready to listen to the spirit when it comes, even if it is at 2 in the morning for our family on the otherside of the world!! This was a Super huge testimony builder to my life. I hope it is a testimony builder for all of you, too. I Love the Gospel, I know it is true.

And please. Grandpa, come on, please don't fall every again!! :) I Love you all.

Weird, 15 days. 2nd to last email. Still time left to change the world here in my Cali Colombia! 

Love you all. ttyl
Elder Welling

Misión Cali Colombia

23 Days Left......Great Karaoke Night and a Special Experience

Elder Welling working with an Israel member - Karaoke Night.

Elder Welling leading Karaoke Night for Israel members-great evening!

January 6, 2014

Hey Family and Friends,

This last week has been good. I got my new companion on Tuesday morning. I came to Colombia with him. His name is Elder Ramirez from Peru, we get along well and are having a lot of fun together. Things are going well.

This week was good we found about 11 new people, and had a good week of teaching and stuff. But then at the end of the week, only three people came to church, so it wasn't as great as we had hoped.

For New Years we went to a members house and made tamales, they turned out pretty good, especially the one I did :) It was great!! We also had a Karaoke Night. It was awesome, we are trying to help get the members excited here in Israel, I think they weren't as happy before, but now are starting to warm up to us and helping us out, it's awesome. Things are going well.

Yesterday we went with some members to visit some members who haven't been able to go to church for a while, thanks to their age. It was awesome to go to one man's house. He said we were an answer to his prayers, and that us being there in his house made him feel really happy. He was starting to cry and just bore his testimony. It was super awesome!

I love knowing that God uses me to answer peoples prayers. It is great. It was a really emotional meeting with this older man. Everyone was crying, and we said we would pick him up on Sunday to go to church with him. So things here are great, family! I am having a blast, and trying to work as hard as I can these next couple weeks I have left. I am doing great.

Love you all and miss ya'll....but not too much. haha..cuz I'll see you soon! 
Elder WellingMisión Cali Colombia

Oscar's Special Baptism Day

Special baptism day for young Oscar in new Israel area. 
December 30, 2013

Hey Family and Friends,

First off, it was great to see you all, family, on Christmas Day. It was awesome skyping and seeing everybody. I had a blast seeing you all, but it was super weird, because I will be seeing you all in less than a month....what!!!!!!! ahhh nuts.

Well, last week had another baptism. It was a young boy whose name is Oscar. He is great! I will send you all a picture of that. He is a cool kid who is really tender and accepting of the gospel.

This past week, aside from the baptism, was slow.- we didn't teach many lessons, but tried our hardest. Hoping this next week will be better. We will still be focusing a lot on the less actives and helping them get their testimony back.
On other news, my companion returned home to Argentina today....So, I am going to be getting a new companion tomorrow. That'll be different, haven't had that happen to me until now. But other than that, things are going well. Still lovin the mish, and I am working as hard as I can every day. 
Love you all. Hope you are all doing well, and will put some great goals together for this coming year and work hard to complete them. Many try to put goals on things we can do to become more Christ like and come closer unto Him.

Just so you all know, I want to go to a MoTab concert when I am back..haha. You never thought I would say that. :) They are awesome!!

Love you all, ttyl

Elder WellingMisión Cali Colombia

4 1/2 Weeks Left......Ahhhhhhhh!

December 23, 2013

4 1/2 weeks....ahhhhhh

Hey Family and Friends,

So this past week was really long, but things are going well. 

Elder Welling and new missionaries.
We went to go pick up the new missionaries this past week on Tuesday. And we had the normal super long day where we take them around Cali to some cool touristy spots and some other stuff like that. Then during the night time I went to go say goodbye to some of the people and converts that I had worked with in the area San Fernando. It was sad to say bye to them, but I am thinking of saying bye to them again in about 5 weeeks......that is so weird...Anyways, on Wednesday we had the training and it went pretty well. And then we went off to our areas....
Elder Welling surprising Elder Frias.
Before we left it was super hard saying bye to President Prince, and I started to cry saying bye to him...ugghh He is the best mission president in the whole world. 
Then I got to my new area in Cali. The other elders that are here showed us around the first couple days. And that night on Wednesday we had a cool meeting with the bishop who really looks awesome and wants to use us a lot. So that should be great. 
But these past couple days we have been focused on finding a lot of new investigators, people who want to hear our message.....We found about 11 people in these first 4 days and some seem great and others... But looks like we should have a good transfer. The work continues. Got to go hard all the time and do my best these last few weeks.

Love you all and miss you all...not too much now cuz I'll see you all soon..., but I miss y'all...haha

Elder Welling

Misión Cali Colombia

Time to Leave the Office, and Transfer for the Last Time

December 14, 2013

Hey Family and Friends,

So this past week was awesome. We finished off all of our conferences with the mission, so it was cool to see everybody there and say goodbye, too, I guess. But they were all great and I loved every single one. It was awesome to be able to watch the movie, Ephraim's Rescue, like 3 times. I loved it. I feel like I am a lot like Ephraim in the movie. You'll have to watch and see why. But it was awesome. I got to share my testimony at the last meeting. It was awesome, I could feel the spirit so strongly. Was great. The end of the week was normal.

This is going to be my last transfer and it will be weird. But, I am going to be studying the attributos de Cristo. I am going to try my hardest to become as Chrsitlike as I can during the next couple weeks. Not much time left. I am on the last straightaway, want to give it my all. Lay it all down on the line.

Love you all and miss you all. sorry the letter is so short...there is just not much else to write. 

Love you all

nos vemos. 

Elder Welling
Misión Cali Colombia

My Powerful Week, Special Baptisms, Ephraim's Rescue and Christmas Conference.

Elder Welling in front with his special Cali Baptism Evening.

Elder Welling and Elder LaBar baptizing this special family in Cali.
December 7. 2013

What an awesome amazing week! I had a really spiritual, but amazing experience last week. Let's jump to it. So this past Wednesday we were in Pasto doing the Christmas conference. It was Awesome. President gave an awesome lesson on the atonement of Jesus CHrist. It was amazing. Helped me learn a lot. So during the day we also had a talent show and many other activities.
Elder Welling ready for the talent show :)
Elder Welling so hungry!


Elder Welling and Elders with Pres. and Sis. Prince.

Elder Welling festive in his hat, ready to eat.
But at the end of the conference, we watch a video called Ephraim's Rescue. It is a new movie that is just incredible. Talks about a man named Ephraim and well, you would have to watch the movie to understand it. But he basically has the gift of healing. When he goes to give someone a blessing he always washed his hands first as a symbol of being pure. And a lot of people ask him how he does it. He just tells them he tries to be a good. That really hit me. He was always ready to use his Gifts when the Lord called for him. To be able to do that he had to be ready, or pure to be able to do it. I like Ephraim, want to be able to serve the Lord at all cost and do whatever He may have me do for Him.

I want to devote my life to the Savior and be obedient to what hey may ask me. I love Him. At the end of the conference some of the Zone Leaders shared their testimonies and they were amazing. I could feel the Spirit so strongly. I was almost crying. And at the end, we sang the song, Come and Adore Him. The Christmas song. I couldn't hardly sing the song. There were tears streaming down my eyes. And I couldn't sing the words, because the Spirit was so strong. In this moment I decided to be ready for the call, just as Ephraim. Trying to be good at all times.

I love the Lord and want to be able to live with Him again. I want to have a family forever. I love you all so much. We must be true to our covenants and be willing to serve in all times. I love you all, I love Jesus Christ and I know that this is His Church. 

My wish is that you all, who read this message, will be ready and willing to serve those in need. Be ready to serve God when the time comes and we will see miracles. Share the Gospel this Christmas with people who don't yet know it, and with a prayer and sincere desire to share it. God will help you. 

Love you all. Que Dios les bendiga. :)

Elder Welling

Misión Cali Colombia

My Release Date Has Arrived, Another Awesome Week!

November 30, 2013

Elder Welling with his Mission Office Crew.

                               Elder Miranda: secretary to president in training
                               Elder Perez:  secretary to president
                              Elder Henao: finance secretary
                              Elder LaBar:  Assistant to President 

                              Elder Williams:  records secretary
                             Elder Welling:  Assistant to President
                            Elder Sanhueza:  finance secretary in training
                           Elder Inga: materials and housing secretary

                             Sister Prince, "This is how things happen in the mission,
                                                              with the hard work of this great office crew!"

 Hey Family and Friends,

So, this past week has been really fast, but it has been great. Tonight we will be having 3 baptisms of a family that we have been teaching for about 1.5 months. They are great and were super prepared for baptism. But anyways....

Here in Colombia, Monday was normal. We were really starting to kill it in our area. We had 14 people going to church last week...which was the highest in the mission. So that was awesome. We should have a lot of baptisms in December. I am having a ton of fun. THings are going great and as some of you might know I got my Final Release Date for 28th of January....I will get home at about midnight...haha nuts. But it is great. It is coming way to fast...less than 2 months and I'll be home. But I will keep on working my hardest to do the Lord's work.

I was reading this past week in Mateo (Matthew) 5:19. It is one of my favorite scriptures, because it talks about when we are basically converted o sea, when we don't want to do bad anymore-that we keep the covenants that we have made and then we teach others. And I think that is crucial in conversion......being converted to Christ and never falling from the Church. It is awesome. When someone is converted they only try to help others become converted. That is what we should all be searching for in this life, then conversion.

I also really like it, because we are now basically in December and serving others should be a priority. I wish I and we all could do something like what happened last year in Buenaventura - that was a huge blessing and service to others, which made me and all of us feel so good, (speaking of that, one of my converts that Elder Belnap and I had named Ruby got sealed in the temple with her husband!!!) one of the brighest times of my mission - I got to help a family be sealed in the temple for time and eternity!!! The best thing that has happened ever, and they also want to serve a mission when they are older!!! So basically, this is the month when we should really focus on serving others.

Try to become converted unto Christ and do as He would do in every second! Put off the natural man and become converted. I love this Mission, I love Christ and I know all of it is TRUE!!!!!!!

Love you all. That was my message of this week. :) 

Elder Welling
Misión Cali Colombia

Lots of Traveling, Training and Eating a Giant Ant!

November 23, 2013

Hey Family and Friends, 

Elder Welling here. It has been a really long super long...and I ate a Giant Ant...see my video :) 

So on Monday I was in Ipiales and that was great. I got to see a lot of my converts and everything, they are doing good. But some stopped coming to church...the Garetta i went and talked to them and they were shocked to see me. It was hilairous, but awesome to see them. SO then we had a super awesome lesson and everything,. They promised to me that they would go to church. We'll see what happens. I need to see if they went. 
But then on Tuesday morning we went on a bus to Pasto and that was great.....:( But we got there at about 7am and then had the training at 9 for the missionaries. It went pretty well and everything. Soo that was fun. We finished at about 11 and then got to do some division with some other missionaries. They went well, and then we got on a bus to Cali at about 6..... haha. We got into Cali at about 3am in the morning and took a taxi to the house. 
We slept for two hours, and then woke up at 6 to go to Tuluá....that was a trip. So that day we had 3 training sessions, they all went well and then the next day...Thursday we had 3 more...they all went well. But the best was the last one...was really good. 
Then the past couple days have been good and normal I guess. In the office and getting some stuff ready for what will come in the next couple of weeks. Another senior couple came yesterday. I haven't met them yet, but hope too. Should be fun. But I am doing good here, family and friends. I love and miss you all.

Hope you are all doing ok.

Elder Welling

Misión Cali Colombia

Ipiales Leadership - the Big Push and the Buenaventura Branch..Love Them!

November 18, 2013                                                                
Leadership Counsel in Ipiales--Big Push of Pres. Prince's car.

 Hey Family and Friends! 

How are you all doing? I'm here in the great city of Ipiales. Yup, I returned.. I am only here for today, because we have special training that we are going to do with the missionaries. Should be fun. lt will be tomorrow in Pasto. But, also I will be visiting all of the members and converts that I had here today, so that should be fun.

But as for last week. It was great. We had the Leadership council and that just turned out great. We did a cool exercise with all of the ZLs, where they had to push President's car up three floors in the parking garage to the top. It was awesome. hahah!!

Everyone loved it, and we related it to the missionary work that we are doing right now. The mission is doing great, so we are focusing on having a "Big Push."So in the next 2 weeks we want to have 6 people in the church on 23 of November. On the first of December we want to have 7 assisting in every zone. Should be awesome. Hopefully it turns out great.
Elder Welling's beloved Buenaventura Branch
Hermana Prince said they had 140 in attendance this Sunday 
and families who had just been sealed in the temple bore testimony.
This is the gospel in action...this is an incredible blessing.

Umm, I  am doing great with Elder Labar. We are having a good time, and we work well together. Yesterday the drive from Cali to Ipiales was terrible, as always :) But things are going well. Umm, idk what more to say. This week should be hectic running from zone to zone doing the trainings with them all. But it should be really fun and I Love doing the Lord's Work! Hope you are all doing well and loving life.

Love you all! 
Elder WellingMisión Cali Colombia

I'll Be in Popayan Doing Special Training...

November 16, 2013

Hey. what's up family and friends? Just letting you know I will not be writing tomorrow. I will be in a town called Popayán. We are going to do some specialized training. Should be fun. We are leaving tomorrow at 6am..UHG...but things are great here. Elder LaBar and I are doing great. love this super comp!

Love you all, and I will talk to you all later. CHao
Elder WellingMisión Cali Colombia

New Misisonary Training Photos...Loved It!

                                Photos From New Missionary Training November 2, 2013

Pres. Prince training new missionaries. Elders Welling and LaBar to the right.
Elder Welling leads new missionaries to their comps.

Elder Welling directing new missionaries in.
Elder Welling happy to be eating with new missionaries.

Look at their lunch--talk about delicious!
Hermana Prince is amazing! Delicious dessert after lunch!
New Missionaries ready to eat..Elder Welling back there.
Elders loving their breakfast....

Photos From Elder Welling's Mission Soccer Tournament...Great Times!

October 21, 2013

                                                              Monday Oct 21,
Missionaries from Cali and zones close by
gathered to have much FUN and LAUGHTER on their P-day
in a soccer tournament
Cali Colombia Mission Soccer Tournament-Fun Time!
Elder Welling play the game.
Elder Welling plays goalie
Taking a break from the game.

The Office
front:  Elders Perez, Inga, Flores
back:  Elders Henao, Menendez, Welling

Week After Training, Pictures, and New Investigators!

November 9, 2013

Hola Family and Friends,

So this past week was awesome. Got a new comp..its Elder LaBar. He is the New AP, so that is super awesome, like I think I told you all last Monday. He is really good, and we have been good friends since I was in Ipiales. Hopefully we can do good work together here in the office. Should be great.

But this last week has been kinda slow. Pres is out of town so we haven't gotten a chance to plan with him to do all of these meetings that are coming up next week. But we should meet up with him later. We are doing really well as of right now... Every morning my two gringo comps and I do insanity exercise in the morning. We wake up at about 610 to do it. Its awesome and so good for you. Way hard, but it is a good workout every morning.  Um, what else, we had a good day yesterday. We found 8 new investigators yesterday, a lot of them seem very good. So today we are going go go around and visit them all to tell them to come to church. Hopefully it all goes well, and we can end up inviting a lot of people. But, we will see what happens. Umm, What else, this week should be good. We should be getting together a lot with President to plan out everything. Umm, today we went to Centro and I got a mini tripod for my camera and yeah. Then we just got back from eating it was a great day! Super excited for this transfer. Will be great! Love you all and miss you!

Come on ya'll, let's GOOOOO- Insanity
Elder WellingMisión Cali Colombia


What a Week...Changing of the AP's, New Companion, Great Trainings!

November 2, 2013                                                                                                                         
Elder LaBar with Pres. Prince and Elder Welling
Changing of the Guard...Elders Welling, LaBar, Menendez
Hello Family and Friends,
Well.....I have the changes this week. I am still in the office but I have a new companion. His name is Elder....LaBar...from Newbury Park. Its great, because we are awesome friends!!!!! Should be good. So this week has been kinda hectic. the beginning of the week was fine. We just finished off all of the interviews and everything with all the that is a relief...try doing the same practice 92 times....:)But it's all good. It was a lot of fun being with Pres and Hermana Prince, and then also getting to know all of the missionaries.
New AP Team...Elders Welling and LaBar
But anyways, I got my new comp on Thursday, and he was super stoked to come here and work with me. We are really excited and are going to work extremely hard. This weekend new elders came, so we had to do the training. It went well. I did the training with the new people that are going to train, so that was always fun. And then later we went to have the trainers meet their new comps. It was fun, they all seem like they will be great missinoaries. But it is nuts now, because the new ones that came were only in the MTC now for 8 days!!!! So, if you know the language
you will only be in the MTC for 8 days, because of the high amount of missionaries. President said by the end of this year there will be 100,000 missionaries in the world. That is nuts, so awesome. Also this week, I've had a weird sickness type thing on my skin....It's like hives, but idk..its weird....and Mom, I went to the doctor to get checked up. They gave me some antihisthemishajksdhfsd medicine...idk how to spell that. But I am doing good, no worries. I love you all and hope you all are doing great.
Whose got it better than us? NOBODY!!!!!                                                
Delicious lunch

See more photos on next couple of posts....too many to post here.
Elder WellingMission Cali Colombia

Our Missionary Soccer Tourney, Then David and Maria's Wedding and Baptisms!

October 26, 2013

Elder Welling and his mission soccer tourney, so fun!
Elder Welling and his great friend, Elder Edwards at the tourney.
Hey Family and Friends.

" Missionaries from Cali and   zones close by
gathered to have much FUN and LAUGHTER on their P-day
in a soccer tournament."

This week in Colombia. Well, it has been solid, but I cant believe how fast this month has gone by. October is almost over!!!! AHHHH But anyways starting on Monday. We had a big soccer tournament within the whole mission! So that was to come! But anyways the week was good. I have been tired all week. The interviews with the whole mission take it out of everybody. haha We had interviews
 on Wednesday and Thursday. They went really well, and know we only have to do interviews for 2
more zones. haha It has been a long cycle with the interviews, but they have been really fun. I love it!

During the week we had a good time getting ready for 2 of our investigators to get baptized. They are awesome! They got married on Friday and then baptized                                                                                                      
Elder Welling at David and Maria Paula's wedding-great day!
yesterday!!! They are soo coool!! They're are David and María Paula. It's awesome! They are really excited and are doing great.

We had a party basically in the church, and everybody their sang kareoke. It was awesome. haha. I didn't get to sing, but it went really well. I am having a good time and this next week should be really good. We should be finding a lot of investigators and should have a lot of people at church. Hopefully it turns out really well. Hope you are all doing great and living it up there. Love you all so much!
one with my bro elder edwards-
other one when they got married. 
Elder WellingMission Cali Colombia

Many Interviews and Much Fun!

October 19, 2013

Elder Welling and his fellow office crewmates during mission-wide soccer tourney

Well, what do I say. This week flew by. I can't believe it. But it was solid. I was tired the whole week, because we did interviews the whole week, basically running from one place to another. But, it has gone really well. Getting to know every missionary is awesome and I am having a lot of fun. This week coming up we will have the interviews with the zonas Calima, Aguablanca, and two other zonas I can't think of right now. But things are great.

Today we bought our jerseys for the soccer tournament that we are going to have this Monday between the whole mission. The jersey is cool, but it was only like 7 dollars..haha  I like cheap stuff. haha. But otherwise, the mission is going great. I am doing really well, too. I can't think of what more happened this week. We also had a cool webcast for the mission this past week, it went well. Basically was like I was an anchor for the mission. I taught a couple of things. I think it went well. Who knows. haha But otherwise, its kinda the same story here in the office. Not too much new to tell. But love you all!

Elder WellingMission Cali Colombia