August Mission Leadership Counsel Time

Elder Welling and the Mission Leadership Counsel
August 10, 2013

Hello Everyone,
So this past week was cool. We had a baptism and it turned out great....Sadly I didn't get a picture of it. But next time I will. But overall things are good. This week not too much happened. We are just getting ready to have the baptisms today. We will have 2 more. 
But we have been really busy this week getting ready for the Cambios and also for the Consejo of the Zone Leaders this week. Then after that we have the zone conferences starting this next week, too. First we'll be going to the city of Popayan next Saturday. So I won't know if I'll have time to write you all. aah.. 
Elder Welling loves his missionary friends!
But yeah, like I always say, it's all good! Today during Pday we played basketball and yeah, ate McDonalds too. So that was cool! But can't say too much more. Things are going well here in the mission, and I am just going to keep on keeping on! hah 
Love you all and miss you! If you have any questions. pregĂșntame. 

Elder WellingMission Cali Colombia
Elder Welling with more missionary friends.

Preparing for Consejo and Welcoming New Missionaries!

Elder Welling with new Elders and his fellow office crew.

Love this! Elder Welling and his comp, Elder Menendez meeting with new missionaries
August 3, 2013
Hey Familia and Friends, 
So to start off, I am doing great, and I am having a good time in the office. I'm really learning a lot during my time in here in the office. So things are going well. During this week a lot of the time we were meeting with President Prince to talk a lot about the conferences that will be coming up during this month. Also, this month we have Consejo, which will be in like two weeks, so that will be so great.

Elder Welling loves to eat-can you tell?
But overall the things here are great. Yesterday we had another baptism that went awesome. It was the Hermano of another member that was recently baptized. siguiendo la vena. muhhaah. But things here are great. We had to change our apartment to where the Torgersons lived. Which was an a bit of an adjustment,  because the other house was better...But it's all good. 
We are doing fitness as a group of elders in the office, which is nice. But now there is not another place to in progress.....Also, we run to Chipechape ( a mall ) about 2-3 times a week with President Prince. It's about 10km...I usually finish with lots of energy, so that's cool. Ironman in the future? haha.
Elder Welling and Elder Menendez with new missionaries.
No, but things here are great. This week we are going to do a Semana of the Siembra, which is basically where we find a ton of people. Over the last two months the mission finds about 1100 new people to teach every week, about 10.5 every pair of companions. But this week we are focused on mainly finding families and men that can have the sacerdocio. We know that if we do all we can to find them we will find them. And the church will grow better and be more stable here. 
We are close to changing San Fernando from a Rama to a Barrio, which I hope we can do before my time here is done. But yeah, that's basically it. This week should be a bit more hectic, but I am excited! It's a lot of fun in the office, I just hope I do a good job.

Love you all!
Can you pick out Elder Welling?
p.s. Today I bought a cool brasil soccer jersey, and usually people guess I am a gringo o brasilero. So that's cool :)

Elder Welling
Mission Cali Colombia

Many Farewells This Week

Elder Welling saying farewell to the married missionaries, including the Torgensons.

Farewell dinner for missionaries going home including the Torgersons.
July 20, 2013

errrrrbody, whats good.

So, I will start with the week. It was really long, but it has been good. So this week
Elder Menendez did a whole bunch of divisions with the district leaders. It was really long, but good. I found out that the elders have a lot to work on, but we are getting better as a mission every day.  I hope that I can help them out. I had to sleep on the floor with a sheet 2 of the 3 nights, because there was not another bed. haha. So that was interesting, but it actually wasn't too bad. It helped out my back a little, haha But don't worry Mom, my back doesn't hurt, haha.
Elder Welling's beloved Buenaventura Branch bidding farewell to Jose and Maryam's Family.
So we had plans to go to BV yesterday, but there was  a strike so we ended up not going. I was kinda sad, but it is all good now. So we will be going out to Buenaventura some other time. Sadly I won't be able to see Jose and Maryam anytime soon, though..:( 
But this past Friday we had to get up at 3 in the morning to go to the airport to drop off 2 sister missionaries to go to their house, because they finished the missions. And then the married elders, and sisters - that was sad to see Elder and Sister Torgerson go home. They were so awesome to me, and are just great people!
Farewell dinner for missionaries going home, including the Torgersons.
Elder Welling fell asleep at the airport. 3am wake up doesn't agree with any of them.
Elder Welling's comp, Elder Menendez fell asleep at the airport, too.
So, the office is still really great and fun. I am having a fun time with all of the the other missionaries. We all get along really well and work hard, so that is awesome. I think we are going to have another missionary come in sometime soon, so that will be 7 in the office. I think it'll be a lot of fun. But overall I am doing really good here, not  too much is new. And not too sure what were are going to do this coming week yet. I think we might change the plan and  have a lot of divisiones with the ZL,s but I am not sure yet. But ya, love you all and miss you a ton.

ps: my comp sleeping in the pic here. haha. But 5 min later I was sleeping. as you can see in the blog of the Hermana Prince.  
Elder Tyler Welling

A Web Cast and Mission Leadership Counsel and the Town of Buga-Awesome Week!

Elder Welling during Mission Leadership Counsel lunch with his missionary friends
Elder Welling with his missionary friends during Mission Leadership Counsel lunch
July 16, 2013

Hey Family and Friends,, I have never been more tired in my whole life. But I am really liking the work as AP. It is a lot of work, and stress sometimes, but I am learning a lot and having a lot of fun, too!

So this past week was interesting. On Tuesday we had a webcast for the whole mission. It's like and internet show. It was only for the district leaders and was an hour long, So that was interesting talking to almost the whole mission in Spanish. I talked about Michael Jordan and how they have to be like Michael Jordan (work-wise) and take command of their districts and be the best they can be. It went pretty dang well, and I thought it was a lot of success. I was super nervous at first, but it turned out well.

Then on Thursday we had the ZL meeting, and that went great too. I showed them once again the Michael Jordan slides....That was great, they all liked it a lot and were really excited. We had a good Consejo overall with the ZLs. We talked about how they need to help out the DLs in the mission so that they can take more responsibility and other things. That way the mission can really start to improve more. So that was cool.

Everyone there liked the Consejo and had a good time. It is always fun getting in a big group of elders to have a good time. Also, President announced, depending on how well we do, we can have a big soccer tournament again. But we will see how that turns out. But that also got the elders super excited to go back to But it was fun overall. I am having a good time with my comp, learned a lot from him. And I'm getting better in Spanish, because I am always on the phone, haha. But yeah, things here are great. Later we are going to buy food, and we have a baptism in the night.

We think this is on the way to the town of Buga? Beautiful!!

Also yesterday we had to go to a small city called Buga for awhile and other things. It was like a two hour drive, so that was cool too. So that is awesome. haha. Love you all so much, hope you are doing a great! haha. 

Elder Tyler Welling

I'm the New AP for the Colombia Cali Mission, What a Big, Great Week!

Elder Welling with Pres. Prince and Elder Menendez at Cristo Rey, new AP's
Elder Welling, Elder Alvaros (AP going to BV), with Pres. Prince, Elder Menendez at Cristo Rey
July 1, 2013

So really quick, I will write you all later more. But I got a call by President Prince on Saturday to be an Assisstant of his with Elder Menendez. So now I am an AP. So I am here now in Cali after a long bus ride. So I am good here in the office. but yeah, I will fill you in all later. Ya, I'm stoked. A great opportunity to learn.
Elder Tyler Welling
Elder Welling (center) and Fellow Missionaries looking out over Cali.
Elder Welling back eating lunch as new AP at Mission Home

July 6, 2013

Ok Family and Friends, 

So i am here in the office right now and it is going great here. But I am extremely tired in every second of every day. But ok, so I will walk you through the last week. So I got a call from President Prince on Saturday night at about 9 oclock when we had finished the baptisms. He called and told me that Elder Avalos(old AP) was going to leave and was going to BV. So he called me asking me if I thought that I was ready to join the new team in the office as the new assistant. Which I told him I am, and I would be honored. So that was intense! Went home and packed my bags, because I 

had to leave the next night at about 3 in the afternoon. So...that was nuts. went to church and took pictures with the whole world. And then basically didn't have any time to say goodbye to anybody, which really was sad

But then got on a bus by myself......that was weird cuz as a missionary we are always in pairs of two, for a total of about 14 hours......not a fun bus ride. And finally got to Cali at about 430 in the morning. Got in a taxi and then went to the apartment of the office and went to bed for an hour.


Elder Welling, Alvaros, Menendez at Crepes and Waffles-happy!

Then the next morning woke up and went immediately went to work in the office. And then at midday we had an office meeting that went well overall. And then we had to go and drop off Elder Jara at the airport. but before we ate at a place called Crepes and Waffles. It was delicious and ya, amazing! So then, we went back to the office and went to sleep for a couple more hours till the morning. Woke up and on Tuesday we had to go and take Elder Jara to the Airport and then pick up the new elders at the same time. That was cool, it was a group of 5 elders and they all seemed pretty cool and excited to work. We did all of the normal things. Got them all ready to serve and everything. And then went to Cristo Rey and did all of the cool things.
Elder Welling saying goodbye to Elder Jara at airport.

 It was awesome! Finally at the night we
 had to do some other work in the office, 
and get ready for the Cambios the 
next day. 

Elder Welling helping new missionaries ready for new areas.
So then, on Wednesday morning woke up and went to the terminal to do the changes that all of the missionaries had being transferred to new areas. That was a little difficult, because the missionaries always are late. So we were a little behind schedule. Then I got back to the office at 10 and did the Capacitacion with the trainers with President Prince for 2 hours, and that was awesome. I felt like it went well, but who knows. haha Then at 12 that day we had a great lunch, and then in the afternoon we also did more training. So that was a good day overall, Then we had to go back to the office to do some more stuff. 
Elder Welling continues helping new missionaries.
Area of Silohe Elder Welling talked about.
But overall, I am really liking it a lot, and I am learning a lot too, which is awesome. We are doing a lot of work in an area called Silohe (a poverty stricken area with extreme violence within Cali). it reminds me a lot of Buenaventura, which is great (I loved my 6 months in BV). So I am liking it a lot and having a lot of fun. Today we played football for Pday, and I will probably go get a haircut later today. This week will also be another busy one. We are going to do a lot of divisions (go out and work with the missionaries here in Cali) this week. And also we will have the Zone Leader Council (all zone leaders in our mission will travel here to the mission home for it). So that will be a lot of fun, and i am looking forward to it. Love you all and miss you all a ton!

Elder Tyler Welling

Our White Night and Transfers Next Week..Where Will I Be?

Elder Welling's (back, right) White Night special baptism evening
June 24, 2013

Hey Family and Friends,

How are you all doing, so this past week was great. We had a lot of lessons, and then on one day I did a division with an Elder Stevenson who is from St. George, Utah! He knows the Belnap family too!! So that was great. We had a fun time, and I helped him out with some missionary work stuff. We had a good time; basically it was a great division. We had a good time and taught 4 lessons overall, which went very well. Hope he learned something from me hopefully. haha. But he is a great kid and a good friend!

Then we had to do a lot of interviews one day to help people be ready for the big night on Saturday, our special WHITE NIGHT baptism evening. Overall it turned out great, and that day there were a total of 14 people who were baptized. So that was awesome! Overall and this month we have a total of 24newly baptized people, which is super good.

We are doing well once again down here in Ipiales, and we are trying to help out all of the missionaries here to be better. But we had a great week. On Saturday me and my comp only had 1 baptism. It was great, but we were expecting to have 3 more people be baptized, so that was too bad. But I think the other 2 investigators will get baptized this week.

So today was awesome, because we all watched the movie, The Best Two Years, for our Pday!  I loved every part of it! I never knew it, but it shows missionary work perfectly, haha, solid movie! It made me want to go back and do acting again, too :) Me Puso trunky! haha.

But anyways, this week should be another good week, and next week I will tell you all where I am at...cause I don't think I will be here in Ipiales, which is sad. But I have been here a long time. haha:)

Love you all and miss you all a ton!
Elder Tyler Welling

Ready for Our White Night in Ipiales!

June 17, 2013

Hey Family and Friends, I'm on.

So, I am tired and have a headache, but overall I am doing great. Onto the weekly review. SO this week wasn't too bad. On Tuesday I did divisions with a missionary from Guatemala. His name is Elder Rodas. We had a good time together, and got a good amount of work done. So that was nice. He seems like a good Elder and hopefully he can keep growing and learning, because he doesn't have much time in the mission (time left or just arrived in the mission?).

Then on Wednesday thru Saturday we just worked hard finding new people. We are also helping the people that we are teaching and working with to be baptized, so they can have a ton more blessings in their lives. But basically the week was normal. We taught a good amount of lessons, and found a good amount of people too during the week.

On Saturday we were supposed to have a baptism. But the guy said that he didn't want to have the interview, because he doesn't want to have to tell anybody about his past. I think he has done some stuff. But we will keep working with him, so he can get baptized this month. We have another 3 people who are going to be baptized this Saturday. Their names are Aljandra and her Mom, Neli. And then another woman named Milena. They are all doing great and are really looking forward to this night, which will be a great night! It'll be a WHITE NIGHT where a ton of people will be getting baptized and entering into the church. about 17-20. So we will see how it goes, we are really excited! So, that's basically my week. And yeah, hope you are all doing well. Love and miss every single one of you!

Elder Welling.

I want the heat to win,

Elder Tyler Welling

Ipiales to Cali for Consejo..Awesome!

Elder Welling at Zone Leader Counsel (back, 3rd from right)
June 10, 2013

Hey family, this week was good and a lot of fun, starting with Tuesday. We did some good work in the morning, then at night we had to go to Pasto to stay the night there to get to Cali on time. haha. Was awesome. Stayed in the house with the ZL's of Pasto, Elder Edwards and Elder Zambrano. They are doing great. In the night we had a good burger....once in Cololmbia, and that was great.

Remember, Elder Welling loves to eat
Then we basically all went to sleep and got up in the morning.

Another long 12 hours on a bus to Cali. The bus was bad, haha but what ever.  lol. We finally got to Cali at about 630 at night, and then we went and ate burger king...was soooooo goood! I miss that so much. haha. Then took some cool pics, and for the last time in my mission I stayed at the house of the Torgersons. It was awesome, they gave us their delicious tacos and brownies. Was awesome. haha!! Good times staying there! They are going to finish their mission in these days, sad but great for them and their family back home.

Then we had the Consejo the next morning for all the zone leaders with more delicious food. haha, was great. The Consejo was great. We talked about a lot and hopefully we have got a good plan for the next couple months in the mission. So we will see what happens. Then after Consejo and seeing everybody we had to go back to the terminal. Then we ate dinner there, and had a good time with some other missionaries before getting on the bus. Then we got on the bus and got back to Ipiales at about 630 in the morning. That bus ride is always hard. haha, but it was solid. haha. Then we worked the rest of the week up until now, it was great. We had about 6 people in church, four of which I think will be getting baptized this month. 1 this coming week. But overall, things are good here and we are lined up to have another great month in Ipiales. :) Love and miss you all, have a greatttt day!!
Elder Tyler Welling

A Night in the Hospital, and It's Still All Good!

Elder Welling Sleeps in the Hospital
June 3, 2013 
Hey familia. This week was super long and good. I'll go day by day and
walk you through every bit of it. So, on Monday we just played soccer
in the rain, cool. Then on Tuesday we had some good lessons and at the
end of the night me and my comp ate some pizza. Was so good, but had
its back fire......So come Wednesday morning and we are all good, but
my comp wakes up and says his stomach hurts...uh oh, so then we got
ready and at 8 oclock, he started to throw up...just great, so then for
four hours we did the same thing, he continued to throw up and
Then at 12 we went to the hospital with some help from a
member. We got him into a room at 1 o clock, then they said they were
going to have to give him a suero for 6 hours, then we could leave. SO
they put the fluid in his body for a good six hours, and then they came
back and said, well, you have to stay here overnight, because you
might have appendicitis and need to stay here to make sure. 
SO, onto the longest night of my life in the mission, but we did teach the
restoration to a sick girl at about 11 in the But then
that was basically the worst night ever. I was sleeping in a chair
with a tie around my eyes and a jacket the member let me use. It was
freezing cold, and we were in a corridor with about another 20
patients, of whom about a good 10 of them were throwing up, and
whinning. And they were babies crying and everything. It was terrible,
and when i finally slept for a good 30 min, I had a terrible dream. I
was in a hospital, but like in resident evil. That sucked., Anyways,
the night continued, I couldn't sleep well and it was just a terrible.
Then in the morning around 7 the member came back and said, well what's
going on. He went and found out, but first took me to go to breakfast,
so that was cool. haha. My comp was all better by the morning, then the
doctor said we could go and we finally got out at about 1040 in the
We immediately showered and got on the bus to go to Pasto for
the mtg with Pres Prince. We got there at about 1 in the afternoon,
missed the whole lesson part and practice, so that was terrible. But
it was good, because we got there. So, then then end of the week was
good, we worked hard and found some cool people to teach. Overall, we
only had 6 investigators at church. But it was good, and is looking like we will
have a good month of June. 
Love you all and miss you.

Elder Tyler Welling