A Web Cast and Mission Leadership Counsel and the Town of Buga-Awesome Week!

Elder Welling during Mission Leadership Counsel lunch with his missionary friends
Elder Welling with his missionary friends during Mission Leadership Counsel lunch
July 16, 2013

Hey Family and Friends,

So....wow, I have never been more tired in my whole life. But I am really liking the work as AP. It is a lot of work, and stress sometimes, but I am learning a lot and having a lot of fun, too!

So this past week was interesting. On Tuesday we had a webcast for the whole mission. It's like and internet show. It was only for the district leaders and was an hour long, So that was interesting talking to almost the whole mission in Spanish. I talked about Michael Jordan and how they have to be like Michael Jordan (work-wise) and take command of their districts and be the best they can be. It went pretty dang well, and I thought it was a lot of success. I was super nervous at first, but it turned out well.

Then on Thursday we had the ZL meeting, and that went great too. I showed them once again the Michael Jordan slides....That was great, they all liked it a lot and were really excited. We had a good Consejo overall with the ZLs. We talked about how they need to help out the DLs in the mission so that they can take more responsibility and other things. That way the mission can really start to improve more. So that was cool.

Everyone there liked the Consejo and had a good time. It is always fun getting in a big group of elders to have a good time. Also, President announced, depending on how well we do, we can have a big soccer tournament again. But we will see how that turns out. But that also got the elders super excited to go back to work...lol. But it was fun overall. I am having a good time with my comp, learned a lot from him. And I'm getting better in Spanish, because I am always on the phone, haha. But yeah, things here are great. Later we are going to buy food, and we have a baptism in the night.

We think this is on the way to the town of Buga? Beautiful!!

Also yesterday we had to go to a small city called Buga for awhile and other things. It was like a two hour drive, so that was cool too. So that is awesome. haha. Love you all so much, hope you are doing a great! haha. 

Elder Tyler Welling

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