A Night in the Hospital, and It's Still All Good!

Elder Welling Sleeps in the Hospital
June 3, 2013 
Hey familia. This week was super long and good. I'll go day by day and
walk you through every bit of it. So, on Monday we just played soccer
in the rain, cool. Then on Tuesday we had some good lessons and at the
end of the night me and my comp ate some pizza. Was so good, but had
its back fire......So come Wednesday morning and we are all good, but
my comp wakes up and says his stomach hurts...uh oh, so then we got
ready and at 8 oclock, he started to throw up...just great, so then for
four hours we did the same thing, he continued to throw up and
Then at 12 we went to the hospital with some help from a
member. We got him into a room at 1 o clock, then they said they were
going to have to give him a suero for 6 hours, then we could leave. SO
they put the fluid in his body for a good six hours, and then they came
back and said, well, you have to stay here overnight, because you
might have appendicitis and need to stay here to make sure. 
SO, onto the longest night of my life in the mission, but we did teach the
restoration to a sick girl at about 11 in the night....lol. But then
that was basically the worst night ever. I was sleeping in a chair
with a tie around my eyes and a jacket the member let me use. It was
freezing cold, and we were in a corridor with about another 20
patients, of whom about a good 10 of them were throwing up, and
whinning. And they were babies crying and everything. It was terrible,
and when i finally slept for a good 30 min, I had a terrible dream. I
was in a hospital, but like in resident evil. That sucked., Anyways,
the night continued, I couldn't sleep well and it was just a terrible.
Then in the morning around 7 the member came back and said, well what's
going on. He went and found out, but first took me to go to breakfast,
so that was cool. haha. My comp was all better by the morning, then the
doctor said we could go and we finally got out at about 1040 in the
We immediately showered and got on the bus to go to Pasto for
the mtg with Pres Prince. We got there at about 1 in the afternoon,
missed the whole lesson part and practice, so that was terrible. But
it was good, because we got there. So, then then end of the week was
good, we worked hard and found some cool people to teach. Overall, we
only had 6 investigators at church. But it was good, and is looking like we will
have a good month of June. 
Love you all and miss you.

Elder Tyler Welling

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