Ipiales to Cali for Consejo..Awesome!

Elder Welling at Zone Leader Counsel (back, 3rd from right)
June 10, 2013

Hey family, this week was good and a lot of fun, starting with Tuesday. We did some good work in the morning, then at night we had to go to Pasto to stay the night there to get to Cali on time. haha. Was awesome. Stayed in the house with the ZL's of Pasto, Elder Edwards and Elder Zambrano. They are doing great. In the night we had a good burger....once in Cololmbia, and that was great.

Remember, Elder Welling loves to eat
Then we basically all went to sleep and got up in the morning.

Another long 12 hours on a bus to Cali. The bus was bad, haha but what ever.  lol. We finally got to Cali at about 630 at night, and then we went and ate burger king...was soooooo goood! I miss that so much. haha. Then took some cool pics, and for the last time in my mission I stayed at the house of the Torgersons. It was awesome, they gave us their delicious tacos and brownies. Was awesome. haha!! Good times staying there! They are going to finish their mission in these days, sad but great for them and their family back home.

Then we had the Consejo the next morning for all the zone leaders with more delicious food. haha, was great. The Consejo was great. We talked about a lot and hopefully we have got a good plan for the next couple months in the mission. So we will see what happens. Then after Consejo and seeing everybody we had to go back to the terminal. Then we ate dinner there, and had a good time with some other missionaries before getting on the bus. Then we got on the bus and got back to Ipiales at about 630 in the morning. That bus ride is always hard. haha, but it was solid. haha. Then we worked the rest of the week up until now, it was great. We had about 6 people in church, four of which I think will be getting baptized this month. 1 this coming week. But overall, things are good here and we are lined up to have another great month in Ipiales. :) Love and miss you all, have a greatttt day!!
Elder Tyler Welling

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