Our White Night and Transfers Next Week..Where Will I Be?

Elder Welling's (back, right) White Night special baptism evening
June 24, 2013

Hey Family and Friends,

How are you all doing, so this past week was great. We had a lot of lessons, and then on one day I did a division with an Elder Stevenson who is from St. George, Utah! He knows the Belnap family too!! So that was great. We had a fun time, and I helped him out with some missionary work stuff. We had a good time; basically it was a great division. We had a good time and taught 4 lessons overall, which went very well. Hope he learned something from me hopefully. haha. But he is a great kid and a good friend!

Then we had to do a lot of interviews one day to help people be ready for the big night on Saturday, our special WHITE NIGHT baptism evening. Overall it turned out great, and that day there were a total of 14 people who were baptized. So that was awesome! Overall and this month we have a total of 24newly baptized people, which is super good.

We are doing well once again down here in Ipiales, and we are trying to help out all of the missionaries here to be better. But we had a great week. On Saturday me and my comp only had 1 baptism. It was great, but we were expecting to have 3 more people be baptized, so that was too bad. But I think the other 2 investigators will get baptized this week.

So today was awesome, because we all watched the movie, The Best Two Years, for our Pday!  I loved every part of it! I never knew it, but it shows missionary work perfectly, haha, solid movie! It made me want to go back and do acting again, too :) Me Puso trunky! haha.

But anyways, this week should be another good week, and next week I will tell you all where I am at...cause I don't think I will be here in Ipiales, which is sad. But I have been here a long time. haha:)

Love you all and miss you all a ton!
Elder Tyler Welling

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