Elder Welling in Cali on Pday, Hang Loose
 Yo yo yo im sorry is that an anwser.

Monday, May 28, 2012

YOOOOOOOOO family, y amigos, this week was much much better. at the beginning of our week we had the usual district and emergency zone meeting. mayo was not a very good month for us. so basically about finding new people to teach, president prince wanted that we find 15-20 new people.  my companions and i decided that we would find 20!!! so off we went with our goal.

 basically yesterday we found a family of 5 and another person later. this week we ended with a grand total of....22 new people!!!!! so sick!!! i never thought that we could find 22 new people to teach, but we did! Definitely had some help on our side.

 But this week was great, i can understand people now, it is just a matter of placing my words correctly and obtaining a larger vocabulary, but it wa<s a great week. this sat we had the baptism. i baptized her, her name is maricel and she is golden. casi termina con el libro de mormon, which is awesome. and que mas?

oh my companion was from the coast de colombia...notice the was, he got sent to the mission medillin, but then the next day we got another companion from ecuador, he is chervere. cool. but yea, since the mission medillin is happening i think that my zone will have more areas, for example, i think we will have andes 1 and andes2. that  is why we have a threesome missionaries, but i don't know for sure. But overall he is cool, i will attach of pic of our companerismo. ummmmmmm.

 this week i bought a pull up bar, because it is difficult to work out my back. so i am doing that every other day and of course push ups, so its good here. I am going to buy like 6 bananas everyday here, because they are only 800 cientos, about 40 cents. so it is a super good deal, and the milk here is still terrible.....;(

but overall everything here is great, learning a lot each day and stuff. it is weird i just noticed that walker and garett and all of them return this coming junio...nuts. But its all good, because i am in the best mission del mundo. que mas. the members here are awesome. and everything is great. i love you all so much and miss you all a ton too!!!!!

Elder Welling, Oh and i heard usa music, new music, and i missed it a lot, the end.
Elder Welling and New Baptized Sister Maricel

Elder Welling and His Companions From Ecuador and Peru in Their House

Elder Welling and His New Companion-From Colombia

Week After Great Zone Conference           Que Piedra!!!

May 21, 2012

                                                Elder Welling with his Calima Zone
                                            (he's on back row, far right-the tall one:)
                           Elder Welling with Sis. Prince and fellow Birthday Missionary
                            (Sis. Prince gives all missionaries a Birthday Cookie-sweet)

Que Piedra! This week was the slowest work ever, and in that i mean slow work wise. Not very many lessons. So lameeeeee! But to answer your questions about not getting back into the work...i felt like i was right back in it. Especially because i have to pay attention at every moment to understand the conversation. I usually understand now, pretty well, so just a matter of forming me sentences correctly and with good grammar. and much more vocab.

Oh but this week, wow. I was furious at one point at a member, i didn't show it but i was ticked. she was asking me about when lunch is with her, which i don't know because i don't go out and memorize who we have when for lunch, then she asked why i haven't visited this lady in the ward who has a 14 year old child who is not a member, i was like, who, which hermana. i have no idea. Then i finally figured out who the hermana was, then she was like...well, why haven't you gone to visit her and teach her child, i said, well i don't know where she lives, then she said...did Elder Duque not teach you anything???? ohhhhh i was furious, then she said, do you know know where she lives....and then i was trying to respond and another hermana, who is not a member was making fun of my espanol because i couldn't remember a word, i was sooooooo mad, she was making fun of my spanish, i was about to say, i would like to see you try and learn english...but i didn't. OPhhh i was not happy, then after that i said pues, perdon yo no soy elder duque, lo siento. and said chow....i was not happy, members some times think missionaries know everything, have to be at a members house when they say, think missionarious have all the activity planned and know everything, basically running the capilla.

 But i was not happy, but then later that night we had a good experience, with a lady who contacted us in the street. basically had a ton of questions and was saying black people couldn't be in our church...and a ton of other things, we had her read the BOM, then later had the 1st lesson with her, i invited her to read, think, and pray about the book to see if it is true, then she said.....yo se que el libro de mormon es verdadero......ahhhhhhhhhh then she said how....i was so stoked...it was such a cool experience, it made the night much better. really fun.

Then last night, got another companion, so now there are 3 of us...which i don't like, elder is cool, but working in three is different, but yeah, that was my week in the field. Love you all, hope things are great en estados unidos. love

Love Elder Welling.

 Elder Welling's Calima Zone Conference  

 Wed, May 16, 2012

 Sister Prince, President Prince's wife, posted her latest blog sharing Elder Welling's latest Zone Conference .  She even posted sweet pictures of every Zone they worked with, including Elder Welling's.  

You can see Elder Welling with President and Sister Prince, and his Zone below in the "Calima Zone" picture (the bottom picture).  Elder Welling looks so happy.  He's on the far right in the back row.  He looks about a head taller than all the missionaries, and so darn cute.

I'll post the picture of Elder Welling both with his Zone and with his fellow "Birthday Missionary" and Sister Prince with his email today.  Sister Prince is sweet to remember their birthdays with a Missionary Cookie and picture, love her! 

Enjoy Sister Prince's blog post and pictures!  Bless her! 

    We did it...(again)...May zone conference

Monday - Medellin (2 zones)
Wednesday - Super Cali (6 zones...1/2 the mission)
Friday - Pereira (3 zones)
Saturday/Sunday - District Conference Armenia
Monday - release and say goodbye to a missionary
Tuesday/Wednesday - Pasto
Today....Zone leader council
We DID it...another round of Zone Conferences
combined with life coming and going in between!
This round of zone conferences was all about the role of the Spirit
seven tools to bring the spirit into your teaching.
It was a great spiritual feast to be with these representatives of Jesus Christ.
MONDAY...it must be Medellín
Medellín Zone
Belén Zone
WEDNESDAY...it must be SuperCali!
Here we are looking out over Cali
and by the expressionson our faces, we still haven't figured out what to do with this city!!
 Tuluá Zone
Palmira Zone
May 14, 2012

There Goes My Hero, Watch Him As He Goes!

Man, it was so good to see you all yesterday. I loved it, and am so happy that you all are doing so great! It wa so much fun talking to you all and hearing how things are going, about the jazz and 49ers and everything! Well, this past week was fun we had a zone conference which was fun to see everybody and just learn and relax with a ton of missionaries. Then also on tuesday i had district mtg which was also very chill. Not to much happened we just taught lessons and stuff like that. The spanish is getting better i think. I just dont like irregular verbs, the make me crazy. haha also makes me crazy when my companion from peru talks horribly, peruvian accent is not very pleasent to say the least. But it is all good. Makes me that much happier that i am in Colombia where the Spanish is fluid and clean. I love it. Also, all of the people in the Ward and other people are teaching me to speak like a calieno. it is great and filled with laughs. But this past week was good. Today we are going to go to centro with the Fam Brinez and just chillax and what not. So, overall a good day. Also, Blake, I absolutely loved it when you played the Foo Fighters. Ahh so good to hear. I hear a ton of music here, people always blare it super loud. I heard the song Dont Think Twice by......dont remember wbut i was cracking up when i heard it because it reminded me of a movie where a mexican of latino person is trying to sing it. hahahahaha freaking hilarious, i dont remember the movie tho.....also, Thanks Blake James and Jeff for writing me about how freaking amazing the Avengers is. Everyone here is talking about how great it is too. haha but here it is Los Avengadores. haha Good stuff, i have to see a ton of movies when i come back. haha But everythign is great here. I am having a good time and am  super happy to know that everything is going great with you all. So stoked. Love you all, miss you. Hope that my sports teams can be good soon. haha
There goes my hero, watch him as he goes.
Elder Welling

May 7, 2012

                                                    Hola - Tough Week

Hola familia, how are you all doing? I am excited and stoked to call you on skype or on the phone, but what sucks is that i only get 45 minutes total!!!! so 20 and 20. i am so mad!!!! seemed like blake had forever. But this week has been difficult. I am with another elder, He is from Peru named Elder Canari. He speaks terrible spanish, i can hardly understand, doesnt help that i dont speak very well either, but i am slowly improving. I had a hard first day when Elder Duque left, we were begginning to be good companions and thinking the same and just working well together. But time for a change. My companion now umm, i dont really know. It is difficult, he doesnt remember a lot of things that i tell him about investigators and stuff but we will see how it all goes. Oh, and you can send me packages, they just have to be with fedex so it is easier, and i actually retreive my package, Colombia doesnt not have a public mailing system. But today, i dont know what we are going to do. I hope something fun. But proly not......umm, I think it is going to be a long 6 weeks with this elder...But luckily i am still in andes. I have to learn much more vocab for my spanish, and think in spanish but overall everything here is alright. Weird that i get to talk to you all this sunday....i dont know what time, like 4oclock, so hopefully you all will anwser, i dont know if i wanna use skype or telelphone because skype is bad here. But i am doing good. Hope you are doing good and that everything is great in united states. Love you all, and i miss you so much.
Elder Welling