May 14, 2012

There Goes My Hero, Watch Him As He Goes!

Man, it was so good to see you all yesterday. I loved it, and am so happy that you all are doing so great! It wa so much fun talking to you all and hearing how things are going, about the jazz and 49ers and everything! Well, this past week was fun we had a zone conference which was fun to see everybody and just learn and relax with a ton of missionaries. Then also on tuesday i had district mtg which was also very chill. Not to much happened we just taught lessons and stuff like that. The spanish is getting better i think. I just dont like irregular verbs, the make me crazy. haha also makes me crazy when my companion from peru talks horribly, peruvian accent is not very pleasent to say the least. But it is all good. Makes me that much happier that i am in Colombia where the Spanish is fluid and clean. I love it. Also, all of the people in the Ward and other people are teaching me to speak like a calieno. it is great and filled with laughs. But this past week was good. Today we are going to go to centro with the Fam Brinez and just chillax and what not. So, overall a good day. Also, Blake, I absolutely loved it when you played the Foo Fighters. Ahh so good to hear. I hear a ton of music here, people always blare it super loud. I heard the song Dont Think Twice by......dont remember wbut i was cracking up when i heard it because it reminded me of a movie where a mexican of latino person is trying to sing it. hahahahaha freaking hilarious, i dont remember the movie tho.....also, Thanks Blake James and Jeff for writing me about how freaking amazing the Avengers is. Everyone here is talking about how great it is too. haha but here it is Los Avengadores. haha Good stuff, i have to see a ton of movies when i come back. haha But everythign is great here. I am having a good time and am  super happy to know that everything is going great with you all. So stoked. Love you all, miss you. Hope that my sports teams can be good soon. haha
There goes my hero, watch him as he goes.
Elder Welling

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