May 7, 2012

                                                    Hola - Tough Week

Hola familia, how are you all doing? I am excited and stoked to call you on skype or on the phone, but what sucks is that i only get 45 minutes total!!!! so 20 and 20. i am so mad!!!! seemed like blake had forever. But this week has been difficult. I am with another elder, He is from Peru named Elder Canari. He speaks terrible spanish, i can hardly understand, doesnt help that i dont speak very well either, but i am slowly improving. I had a hard first day when Elder Duque left, we were begginning to be good companions and thinking the same and just working well together. But time for a change. My companion now umm, i dont really know. It is difficult, he doesnt remember a lot of things that i tell him about investigators and stuff but we will see how it all goes. Oh, and you can send me packages, they just have to be with fedex so it is easier, and i actually retreive my package, Colombia doesnt not have a public mailing system. But today, i dont know what we are going to do. I hope something fun. But proly not......umm, I think it is going to be a long 6 weeks with this elder...But luckily i am still in andes. I have to learn much more vocab for my spanish, and think in spanish but overall everything here is alright. Weird that i get to talk to you all this sunday....i dont know what time, like 4oclock, so hopefully you all will anwser, i dont know if i wanna use skype or telelphone because skype is bad here. But i am doing good. Hope you are doing good and that everything is great in united states. Love you all, and i miss you so much.
Elder Welling

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