Suppppp - Noche de Blanco - 16 Baptisms
    Monday, April 30, 2012

Hola familia y amigos, another week down in Cali Colombia. This week was good, once again a lot of plans fell through and also had divisions again which kind of threw off the day because we had a lot of plans but anyways, i will start with satuday, we had another noche de blanco, was awesome. i think in total we had 16 baptisms, really cool and fun night. But, still had the same old beans and rice with a today i am making or attempting to make horchata with hermana brinez, hopefully it is not a bust. But today on p day have no fun plans like last p day.  during the white night i baptized 2 of our investigators...or members now, difficult and nerve racking in spanish but not mistakes and all good, then the freking next day in church my companion and i go up to confirm them members, and he says, ok. you are comfirming katherine. ahhhhhhhh i was crapping my pants, i was like you yo odio usted. ahhh terrible, but it went well, at least in my point of view, i am sure nadie understood and just said, amen. haha but overall fun and solid. que mas........i think i will be going to a different area wednesday, because my companion has been in this area for 6 months and i think i wont be introducing a different older companion to this area. but i dont know. i like this area a lot, especially because the familia brinez esta aca. but everything here is good, i wanna buy a real madrid buso, or camiseta, haha no se. soccer is huge here, but obviously colombia is not very good at soccer. umm, we didnt get a chance to meet with ferney patricia or felipe this week, so hopefully tonight. But yea, i will let you all know. Love you all. Miss you all, and stay classy sandiego
Elder Welling

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