Hardest Week of My Life - My 1st Week in Colombia

Monday, March 26, 2012

Hello family and friends.

First off let me start by saying this has been the hardest, longest week of my life. I am ahaving a very h ard time because i miss all of you so much. you all have no idea. But i guess i will start my first eail by where i left off when i talkd to youall on the phoneI was in georgie the flying over florida, and all of those countries and landed in colombia. It was nutso, the spanish i learned in the mtc is not what thy were speaking, it is so hard to understand. Then we met the president and his wife who are very nice. We got to have a couple of good meals and stuff. >So it was fun. then after basically went back t the house, (by the way HUGE FREAKING CULTURE SHOCK!! USA has it easy and people need to suck it up. lol. ) and waysbasically had an oreientation then got sent to my area. It is called Andes, it is alright. People here drivfe crazy, jwalk across the street all the time. Luckily i have no been hit by a car yet. I will eventually. But ya, also the bread here is amazing. But anyways, first day was the longest day of my life. This whole week has been extremely long. I am struggling so much because of many reasons. mainly because i love so many people back home so it is hard to forget myself for 2 years and got to work. Love you all. But anyways first day we went around to members and introduced myself kinda....i couldnt understand anything. then i think this first week we have had like 30 lessons. I invited 3 or 4 people to baptism and they all said yes. But we were talking to one man, i believe he was catolico, and basically said why i am here, what i have given up to get here and everything. It was really cool, then after that. I blessed the house. Talk about hard in spanish when i do not know spanish. Super ifficult, then the rest of the week has just been teaching new people. I believe that we have 8 new investigators. But, it is good.l just a huge culture shock, and yes no hot water sucks. Just going to be difficult for me. But yeah, now i am here today. Just emailing you all.Thnks for all of the emails. Food is average here. Everything is `platnos....and rice and you pour beans on everything. But no need to complain. Love you all so much, I can not ask for a better family than all of you. seriously, best family ever!

Love Elder Welling

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