April 23, 2012
                         YOOO --- Solid Week, Cali Zoo 

What up yall! This was a good week, the zoo was awesome. had another district meeting...i think that we have them every week and also had divisions. I deceided that i dont like divisions. Anyways, start with tuesday. which were divisions It was good, but the missionary that i was with was kinda weird and was really lax about doing stuff, i want to work, because the more meetings and citas that we have the faster the day goes and you feel more accomplished at the end of the day. But on to wednesday umm, we had tons of meetings planned for investigators and they ALL FELL THROUGH. soooooooo annoying. a TON of walking everyday. Absolutely nuts. But then on the night of the flooding....which is not in my town. lol we had an awesome lesson with this 13 yr old girl. she is cool, she wants to be a member, but she wants to wait for her return from his mission to do it...which is in 22 months. lol but then she received an anwser and wants to get baptized on the 28th. she is greatt....OPHHHHHH then a kid named Jefferson. what a stud. He had 1 lesson read, got an anwser, and is also getting baptized this week on saturday. then another girl yesterday wants to be a member, litterally taught all 4 lessons and all of the commandments in 30 minutes and she said yes to everything. haha soooo sweeeetttt. so that was our week, also had a baptism last saturday. was sweet. pretty solid week and also have this golden family, but they are being difficult. haha But the kid, named felipe is a stud, i think he is 13. el quira bautismo pero su padres no querian todavia. se si este es correcto. we are going to the zoo again because it was a down pour when we went but still super fun. and then after to a big mall, called chippy choppy, not how you spell it but it is pronouicned that way. lol Love you all, you are all the best, Miss you too and i will send pics today. haha Oh, and the traffic here is crazy btw, always crossing streets, almost getting hit by cars, pretty normal day thgouh. hahaha If you have Qs. emil me and maybe i can anwser them. lol But i am starting to get sick of beans and rice everyday!!!!!.lol but i love the pan here and chocolate. ricco. Love you all. best ever.

Elder Welling.

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