April 16, 2012
                                            One Month in Cali, Colombia - Weird

One month down in Cali, Colombia. Weird. Today we are going to the Zoo! i am so stoked to go and actually do something on Pday. But yea, this week was solid. He had another District and zone meeting. They were good. Talked about our goals and promises for this month. it was a slow work week, a lot of meetings feel through and havent found many new people to teach, but i do have a story about a crazy man, saying he was god and stuff and other good stuff. all written in my journal. kinda of a sketch situation but i felt ok. lol, proly need to be more aware here in cali because it can be kinda sketch. especialy for a little gringo like me who doesnt know what is going on all the time. haha but yesterday, we taught the first lesson to an investigator, his gf is a member and his name is jefferson. It was great, he was so accepting and is preparign for the 28th of april for baptism, h is golden. I think he said he was praying to god to know which church he should attend then the next day his gf invited him to church and then later that day we taught him a lesson. So that was great. One thing that gives me struggles in spanish is having phrases in english not work in spanish. makes me angry. But i am learning poco cada dia. what else happened this week ohhhhh, we had a conversation with an investigator in the street for about an hour and 30 min. it was good, he asked how will i receive my anwser and how did you receive your anwser and other things like that, then i shared the scripture that Blake gave me in his email to me, haha galations 5 verse 22, haha it was sweet. Had other good lessons, but we ned to find some new people.

as blake told me before, everyday here we have beans and rice, usually with a planane too, or a banana. Also, everybdy here drinks juice with sugar. lol My favorite juice is called Lulo. soooooo goooooodddddd....But, a lot of times people drink nasty juice and it sucks at lunch when i hae to drink it. haha just chug it down. lol Oh, and on friday i had an arapa con huevo. soooo goooodddd. cook the arapa normally and then you cut it open pour the egg in and fry it. so god. Of, also here in colombia everyone fries everything too. loco, the food overall is really good though.

In the BOM now i am reading it over in spanish and in english, but in english i am in Mosiah, Abinidai is freaking awesome. Such a Also, gideon is freaking dope too. haha And i am in like primero nefi capitulo 8 in spanish. lol i read it everyday then translate it. lol

Luckily in our new house we hae hot water, and it is actually clean which is sweet. lol, and also in the streets everyone plays music, i will send pictures next week because i forgot to bring my camera this week. But Colombia is getting better, just still want to learn spanish quicker Love you all, miss you al, sounds like everyone is doing great which is great to hear. you are all the best and i have thebest life ever. love you all

Elder Welling
Como un Jefe.

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