Hola Familia! My 2nd Week and Birthday

Monday, April 2, 2012

Hola famila y amigos.

This was my second week in Cali Colombia, Calima to be exact. It was better than the first, taught a good amount of lessons, luckily on thursday we got to go on exchanges with the ZLs. tha was great, mostly because he was a gringo. so nice to have someone to talk to and ask for advice. So that was fun, also had Zone Conference, which was nice to be able to relax and chill for a bit, sucks tho because it was in spanish and hard to know what is going on still. I still hate spanish, but i am learning every day. Myself and my companion are doing well. Still sucks not knowing spanish at all. especially because i try to communicate but it makes no sense, then people say. No entendi......ahhhhh drives me crazy. And my companion kinda strings all of his words together and sometimes doesnt not finish the words which also sucks. lol But i guess i will jump into the questions, the food here is good. Like you said Blake a ton of rice, beans, plantanes, and random stuff. umm, this was the best weekend...why......conference! I loved all of the talks but my favorite had to be Elder Erying...talking about challenges. I feel that was solomente written para mi. lol but ya, conference was great, they played my two favorite church songs, then after conference we went and had cake at a members house, then after that we went to the Familia BriƱez casa, and had dinner Cake and empanadas.....ricco. As you say my companion smashed my head in the cake, also before i got water poured on my head, and an egg cracked on my head...why I will never know. But overall this week was better, still sucks not knowing spanish, but i know that i will get it eventually..I am reading the BOM in spanish now, i think it ta
Love yall, miss yall a ton.
Elder Welling ( solomente un jefe.)

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