My 3rd Week in Cali - Food Poisoning

April 9, 2012

Hola family and friends. How are you all doing. I am doing ok, just had a good lunch. Hot dogs to be exact and then later tody we are moving our house. i am so stoked for that so hopefully i can have hot water now. but this week oni tuesday started off with a small mission conference with president prince. It was fun saw other missionaries such as elder watts and other gringoes. so that was good. I didnt really get much out of it because everything was in spanish, which i am improving, but still terrible. I wish i could just speak it already. But then this thursday night we had 2 dinners and i got super sick, i was throwng up all night and then next day, it sucked so much. But i feel better now. Pretty slow week of work, not many members are helping out so we had to go search a lot. But for april 28th we have 8 baptisms set, and one in 2 weeks, so nine for april, hopefully all goes as planned. 3 of the 8 planned are for a family. their names are ferney, patricia, and their son felipe. but they are great, hopefully it works out good and everything goes as planned. Sundays are sweet here except Colombians are ton deff. There is also no Piano here at the church which doesnt help, so people sing really slow, stop when they are supposed too and are off key. So, it is no bueno. I wish i would start to progress in spanish, there are so many words and conjugations that it is hard to remember everything, i just hate sitting at lessons and sitting there like....yup. dont know what they are saying when they ask a question. It is just difficult. This week, I dont think we have too much planned, just another week of work, hopefully get hot water, even though i am kinda of used to the cold water. Oh, Cali is always hot, it is terrible. lol, especially when i am sweating sitting in a house and the member or someone says, ohh. hace frio.........are you kidding me, it is so freaking hot outside. lol Here also, they do not know what Humid is, so it is hard explaining different types of heat...let alone seaons. lol But it is good. I just want spanish faster. I love you all, miss you dearly, hope everything is good back home.

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