Cali and Back for Great ZL Meetings

April 15, 2013                                            
Elder Welling and Cali ZL's with Pres and Sister Prince hiking Cali (Ty is far right)

So, what another good solid long but great week. So Monday we had a
good Pday, and had a fun Noche de Hogar that went well with some recent
converts. Then on Tuesday we went to Cali on the long 12 hour bus
ride. Always fun, haha.. BUT ANYWAYS We finally got to Cali, then I
had a good time talking to my broski Elder Labar who is the ZL in
Calima. Was fun seeing him, then we went to the assistants house to go
to bed and stuff. We talked a long time with the other Elders that
were there. So that was fun overall. Woke up on wednesday morning to
go to a hospital so my comp could get a little surgery on his foot for
an ingrown toenail. gross. But it was kinda cool and only like 5
minutes. Also, the nurse gave me some tape for my blisters that I had.
Elder Welling with ZL's, Pres. and Sister Prince at top of Cali Christos (Ty is center back-purple shirt)
Haha! But then we went around Cali, had breakfast, then after headed on over to Calima to help some new Elders in their new Area...which happened to be my first area. LOS ANDES!! It was great seeing all of the members there and everything!! One of my converts plans on going to the temple this month with his wife!!!! WWOOOOHOOOO That was awesome to hear! I am so happy for them! Then we saw some of the other old members, and helped them out a lot with everything getting to know everybody and what not. haha. Was overall a great time. Then, at night time I also got to see my first baptism, Valentina. She was doing well, but hadn't gone to church in a while, because she said she got into a little fight of words with some members over a pic. Really lame, but she said she is going to go back which was great to hear. 
Finally we headed to the Brinez house!!! It was great to see them!!! They
were all doing well, and was soo cool to see them all!! The Hermana Brinez
freaked out when I saw her!! Was so cool to see her and Michelle and
the family again!! Sad Sebas wasn't there, but that was ok-he's on his mission!
Elder Welling with all Zone Leaders, Pres. and Sister Prince (Ty is center back-can't see him very well).
The next day we went to Zone Leader mtg. It was awesome! Started off with a hike up 3 crosses. Was cool, I was hiking up the whole time with Elder Jensen..went to BYUH and played golf too. Elder Riepl and Elder Edwards, was awesome. We talked about everything from the mission to sports. Was a great hike, then we got to the top and had a little message, sang a song, then headed back down for the other part of the meeting. SO that was awesome overall. The MTG was good, we talked about what we were going to do for the next month and everything. SO then after the mtg we headed off to Ipiales again. We headed out with Elder Edwards who is the new ZL of Pasto, and I talked to him a ton. He's great. Always fun talking to a gringo. haha. Then we got into town in Ipiales and worked.
Elder Welling happily eating during ZL Cali Mtgs.
Had a good time with everything. Got to meet the 3 new gringos who
look like bears. haha. They are huge, but it was cool meeting them and
helping them out. Like me, they don't understand Spanish very well yet, but they
will learn with time. haha. That was it for my week and today. Haven't
really done anything ese. haha!! 
Love you all and miss you all!


Elder Tyler Welling

Amazing General Conference Week!!

April 8, 2013

Hey Family and Friends, this week was interesting, but overall solid.
The week was cut short because of conference but that is ok because
the confernce was amazinggggg!!! I loved it. My two favorite talks
were by Pres. Uchtdorf about the Light and Darkness, and of course the talk
by Elder Holland about the Faith, was incredible, and Elder Bednar
about being chaste. I loved it. All ofthe talks were inspiring and i cant 
believe that i only have 1 more conference to watch on my mission. 
The Mission I am loving every minute of it. We got our change this morning,
I am staying here in Ipiales with my comp. But the rest of the zone has at
least one missionary leaving his area. NUTSSSSS and we have 4 fresh
missionaries coming with two gringos. hah Should be good. We are going
to do all we can here so that the missionaries can get off on the right
start, and have the vision right away of BIG Powerful missionary work.
Should be a good time in the mission. I'm making some great friends
here, and it has been a really good time in my life. I didn't think I'd
change this much. I have grown a true love for the Savior.
Everything He did was just amazing. And like in one of the talks, I
want to get to know Him and God better. I will do all I can to do that,
and be as obiedient as I can. And also, the mission has changed my life,
because I can't spell in English, kinda sucks., haha! Love you all and
miss you! Sorry this letter is short, but it's all I got. CHAO.

Elder Tyler Welling

It's My Birthday in Ipiales Today!!!

April 1, 2013            
Elder Welling and his companion at the Cathedral La Lajas in Ipiales on Elder Welling's Birthday.

WHat a week filled with more miracles. Start on Monday. We went out
after writing and had a good night. Visitied some people and that was
cool. Then on Tuesday Martin and Carmen got married. That was
awesome. They got married, and then baptized on Saturday. All of their
family have been baptized now. Expect one son. We will see what
happens with that. SO that was super special. Then later in the week
we had an amazing lesson with a girl named Yadira. She has two kids
and she and her daughter got baptized. The lesson with her was awesome
and really spiritual. SHe decided to get baptized and even when
entering the water she was super scared...not sure if it was because
she was going to be a member, or if it was because the water was
freezing...haha. SO that was cool. Also, her mom got baptized and her
child. Was really an awesome night. Overall my companion and I finished
with 5 baptisms that night. Was a really special night and the zone
overall this month did great. With a total of 34 baptisms. I don't think that
has happened here in a long time.....haha 5.7 overall.
Elder Welling's special baptism day in Ipiales
It was special and amazing filled with lessons. ALso, today President and the
Hermana Prince called me and sang Happy Birthday to me. That was super cool.
Also, Elder David A. Bednar is coming to the mission in April
28...WHATTTTT SOOO SICK!! Thanks Grandma for telling Pres. Uchtdorf to send an
apostle to us, haha. That is awesome he is coming, and I am so excited and
nervous for it, haha. Ipiales finished as the best zone this month
again. Hopefully we can keep it up and do well in April. But
yeah, that is about it for me, family and friends. I will send the picture. Hope
you are all doing well and know that I love and miss you all. Oh, BTW I
set the goal about 5 minutes ago that I am going to learn German,
Itialian, Portugese, and Francese. A total of 6 languages...I'll do it,
haha! It's because we just talked to a guy from Germany who is traveling
the country, haha!! Love you all.

Elder Tyler Welling

Ps. The fotos. La Lajas y tambien ellos son las personas que se bautizaron.

Awesome Week in Ipiales!!!

Elder Welling drinking from the La Lajas Cathedral fountain.
March 25, 2013
OK. what a long week. But awesome. I am here in Ipiales with Elder
with Elder Rivadeneria. It was a solid week. We are having a lot of success here
in Ipiales. We found only 8 people to teach, but the people we found
are really good. We had some more intense lessons. On Tuesday we had a
amazing lesson with the Family Garreta. But it was intensse, the Spirit was
incredible. We talked a lot about the repentance and forgiveness. It
was an intense lesson, and at one point in the lesson my comp said
repent and se casan y se bautizen. It was an amazing lesson and
experince. We said some other things, but overall they felt the Spirit.
They knew what they had to do. It was amazing. We returned 2 days
later...The family was all happy and united. It was amazing to see.
WHat happens, what changes when we repent. I have learned a lot of new
things with my comp here in Ipiales. It has been really Spiritual. We
also had another lesson on Saturday for an investigator that wanted us
to visit with him. We went and talked for awhile and things were
great. His son was there, so he didn't let everything out. We finished with
a prayer....but neither me on my comp would leave. We were Restrained
by the Spirit. I told him a scripture, Alma 7:15. telling him he must
get baptized today. So then his son left. and he really told us what
was going on. It was amazing. He was ready and by listening to the
Spirit he was baptized the same day!!!!!! 2 hours later....Absolutely
amazing,. We have had some amazing lessons, and I think we are
understanding what it really is to be a missionary. Who we are really
serving. How we should serve Him and what we should say. We have been
illuminated in these recent days and think we finally understand. We
as missionaries are only called to invite people to repent and be
baptized. Receive a remission of sins through baptisms....By someone
that has the authority or power of God, receiving the gift of the Holy
Ghost. and enduring to the strong for our whole
life....and like the scriptures say. Tendeis la vida Eterna. Like
Christ said to Nicodemus, Those who don't get born by water and by
Spirit will not live in the kingdom of God. We are called to be like
Alma, and AMulek, Nephi and Lehi, Moroni and Helaman, the child of
Mosiah and call people to repentance. My mission changed a bit more
again this week. I hope it keeps on changing.

Elder Tyler Welling