Awesome Week in Ipiales!!!

Elder Welling drinking from the La Lajas Cathedral fountain.
March 25, 2013
OK. what a long week. But awesome. I am here in Ipiales with Elder
with Elder Rivadeneria. It was a solid week. We are having a lot of success here
in Ipiales. We found only 8 people to teach, but the people we found
are really good. We had some more intense lessons. On Tuesday we had a
amazing lesson with the Family Garreta. But it was intensse, the Spirit was
incredible. We talked a lot about the repentance and forgiveness. It
was an intense lesson, and at one point in the lesson my comp said
repent and se casan y se bautizen. It was an amazing lesson and
experince. We said some other things, but overall they felt the Spirit.
They knew what they had to do. It was amazing. We returned 2 days
later...The family was all happy and united. It was amazing to see.
WHat happens, what changes when we repent. I have learned a lot of new
things with my comp here in Ipiales. It has been really Spiritual. We
also had another lesson on Saturday for an investigator that wanted us
to visit with him. We went and talked for awhile and things were
great. His son was there, so he didn't let everything out. We finished with
a prayer....but neither me on my comp would leave. We were Restrained
by the Spirit. I told him a scripture, Alma 7:15. telling him he must
get baptized today. So then his son left. and he really told us what
was going on. It was amazing. He was ready and by listening to the
Spirit he was baptized the same day!!!!!! 2 hours later....Absolutely
amazing,. We have had some amazing lessons, and I think we are
understanding what it really is to be a missionary. Who we are really
serving. How we should serve Him and what we should say. We have been
illuminated in these recent days and think we finally understand. We
as missionaries are only called to invite people to repent and be
baptized. Receive a remission of sins through baptisms....By someone
that has the authority or power of God, receiving the gift of the Holy
Ghost. and enduring to the strong for our whole
life....and like the scriptures say. Tendeis la vida Eterna. Like
Christ said to Nicodemus, Those who don't get born by water and by
Spirit will not live in the kingdom of God. We are called to be like
Alma, and AMulek, Nephi and Lehi, Moroni and Helaman, the child of
Mosiah and call people to repentance. My mission changed a bit more
again this week. I hope it keeps on changing.

Elder Tyler Welling

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