Made it to Cali After the Strikes Ended...Great!
Elder Welling (back 4th in from left) and fellow ZL's in Cali with Pres & Sister Prince after the strikes.
Elder Welling doing push ups during Zone Leader Conference-awesome!
ZL meeting altogether in Cali (Elder Welling is in back to the left)

March 18, 2013

Hey family! This week was long, but awesome! So, it started out on
Monday and buying the tickets to go to Cali. That was awesome! 
So on Tuesday morning with other missionaries we got on the bus to go to
Cali. But, talk about the slowest bus of my life. But oh well, it was
all good, chillin and talking with my bro and other missionaries was
We finally got to Cali at 1030pm in the night. We had to
send all of the missionaries that were with us to their assignments to
stay during the night. So, we took a good amount to the assistants house, 
then with a lot of suitcases at 1045pm, we walked to the Torgersons house, 
and had a quick dinner then hit the sack. It was awesome seeing them! 
They are an awesome family. 
SO then the next morning in Cali I headed to the offices of the mission
to go to the airport with my comp Elder Rivadeneria who is awesome to drop off
a missionary that going to the mission La Paz Bolivia. Pretty cool! SO then 
we chatted and stuff, had a good time. I tried to get a Tie from the people who
work at Avianca but they didn't give me one....:( lol SO then we drove 
back and went to the 2nd happiest place on guessed it
McDonalds! It was so good. We met up with Elder Lamareoux and another
SO then we ate and went back to the office and chilled
waiting for the Consejo de Lz at 3.00 That was cool!! Talked a lot and
had a good time. Overall was a success. Then we headed out and went
back to the Torgersons to sleep and Celebrate Elders Torgersons
birthday. Was grreat!! We had a good time, then went to bed and
headed out on another bus at 8am. 
We got back to Ipiales at 1030pm in the, long!!! 
But all is good. On friday we did some interviews for baptisms and 
stuff. Then on saturday there was a big Noche de Blanco and 13 people 
got baptized! Was great! 
Then yesterday evening we had one of the most difficult and spiritual 
lessons in my life. The family we are teaching were fighting and things.
But after a long time we solved it with them and went home to our place. 
Overall, it was great with my new companion. He is great, and we are 
going to do big things here in Ipiales!!! 
Love you all and miss you!

Elder Tyler Welling

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