The Strike is Over..A Great Week!!

Elder Welling trying to feed the sweet horse. He said they are smaller in Colombia
March 11, 2013

Hello family and Friends. 
Por Fin the strike was lifted....FInally we
can go to Cali...which I am going to do tomorrow! SO, this week was
solid! Didn't get to do too much work, and I will explain why. But,
overall great! 
So, didn't get to do to much work, because two days we
were running and doing errands for a couple that is going to get
married then baptized. SO awesome! But, they said they'd be in the park
....(20 de Julio) at 2 and didn't get there til like 4...both days...
Finally, we finished doing the errands today and everything went 
really well. 
I am over my sicknesses thanks to all of the prayers and special fasting
that you all did back home!! Thank you so much!!! 
Yeah, things are going good here. We had an investigator named Andres who
couldn't get baptized, because his mom never gave him permission. But we
went to the house on Thursday, talked to his Mom and his family for
about an hour. And we got the permission so he could get baptized. It was
awesome. SO cool, let alone a huge miracle! SO that was awesome! 
He had has interview on Friday then got baptized on Saturday.....Pics to be
coming..hah But, overall things are great! 
I am excited to go to Cali and see all of the missionarys there. 
Should be great. SO, I don't really know what else to write. We should have 
a great month. 
I AM EXCITED FOR MY NEW COMP, TOO, Elder Rivadeneria...He plays the
violin super well!! 
Hope everything is great back home and that
everybody is doing well. Thanks again for all your prayers and fasting!!! 
A special baptism day
Love you all......                       

Elder Tyler Welling

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