Elder Welling Super Sick, Colombia Strikes

March 4, 2013  
SOOOOOO,this week was superduperlame. I will tell you why. So, first off I don't 
have my new companion yet, because the roads are closed here in Colombia
and it is super lame. They have been closed for a week, and some towns are really
struggling. Secondly, I was sick about every day this week. First with my stomach
again. After that I think I got a type of strep throat, lost my voice,and then I got
an infection in my eye. It was basically swollen shut. So that was awful! 
It is still pretty red. Now my new name is Elder Partche.....lol, because I have had
to wear an eye patch. I look like a pirate..lol. But other than that I am doing well. 
Some elders in our zone had 6 baptisms yesterday, so that was awesome! Everything 
is basically going really good. I was working in two zones this week, which was a
bit hard. But overall it was fun. 
I have been getting shots in my arm the last 3 days for the swelling.... 
Whether the shots are working or not I do not know..lol.  
But I am doing good. Sorry this letter kinda not exciting,but
there really isn't too much more to say...lol 
I am reading the Book of Mormon and writing a summary of every chapter...I am also 
going to set a goal to finish the Bible in Spanish before the end of my mission....
We'll see if I can endure to the end..haha. But overall things are good. 
Love my mission. I know it's true! 
That's all. 
Blazer, Lazer and Tazer.

Elder Tyler Welling

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