Tyler Made it to Colombia-1st Email

Why hello familia.
Estoy en Colombia. My companion and I and the other elder got into Bogota last night at around 8oclock. . got to the MTC around 9 and stayed the night then qwoke up at 3 oclock and flew to cali at 5. It has been a really long 2 days. That is all i can say. lol basically we are supposed to just say that we got here safely and everything is ok. I am pretty sure they did not teach me spanish. lol All of the women here have darker hair with like a blonde streak. interesting. But my first companionis from Peru. His name is Elder Duque. But i am alive and Good and everything here is good. I will email you all Later on lunes. Love you all. You are the best family ever. Love you all.

Elder Welling
como un jefe.

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