2nd Week at the MTC

howareyou alldoingthis week?iamdoing giood exceptiam reading this and i think that the space bar doesnt work that well. But anyways, how are allofyou doing. Idiscovered that i gett annoyedwith immature people. Such as my companion. and some other peoplein my district. They dont understand,butiwill get into detail on that in the letters. So, this week was good. Kinda stressful because spanishis so freaking hard. Let say Gym time is awesome to tkae out stress and dominate in Basketball. I am finally getting my shot back. It was awesome making it rain during basketball. There are a couple of other good players butthey try hard the whole time and barely ever try. Unless they do something stupid. Then i get angry. haha and dominate. Sotoday, is the 50th anniversary at the MTC andsupposedly Pres Monson is giving the devotional tonight. Hopefully my whole distrcit can get a seat. that would be awesome! But, how iseverything in the real world, ionlysay that cause it is the same thing every week here. You guys shouild write me on dear elderafter every Jazz game. Give me stats and updates and stuff. I am in theworks of sending you all letters. Oh, and no more sweets for a while. Ihave ATON left. so preferrably like something like chips. That was a good call dad. But,my district is fun except for the immature people. Iamsure blake knows what i am talking about. Idk, what else there really is to say. I am havinga goodtime. Spanish sucks,and tell everybody to write me on Dear Elder. Ilove those. haha Hopeyou are all doinggreat. Love you all. Thanks for everything. Miss you all a lot too!
Love, Elder Welling.
P.S. is the shot stuff takencare of, and i need the financial guarantee thing. That would be nice. haha got called into the office because i did not have it. LoveYA

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