4th Week in the MTC

What up! Elder Welling reporting, almost a month done. It is really weird to think that. But also cool. So, tell me who won the freaking grammys!! I wanna know, over a year ago i bet James that the fOO Fighters would win 2 or more. So hopefully i was right. But things here are good. We basically have the best district. we have these things called box scores and basically they measure our obeidience. So our district got 100% on them. Our Branch Presidency was proud and basically said in fron of all of the other districts that we are the ebst and that they need to look up to us on how to be. haha pretty funny. OH BUT I NEED COKE!! badly, i have so many treats still. so dont send me treats for a while. Or i will get fat. But everything here is great. Nothing is new at all. Just plugging along learning spanish. The conjugations are what get me. Dont know when to use a specific type of conjugation. I guess it is basically memorization tho. We do like fake investigator thingys which are awesoime. It is good that way to learn what pweople are saying and how you can respond to them. I will send you guys pics in letters. I cant in email. or, i dont knoiw how too. so i will print those out later today and send them. I am still dominationg at basketball right now. I could play for the Jazz. My shot is back and is the best out of everyone during gym time......did i mention how humble i am. haha Our last devotional was this past sunday,. It was great, i forgot who spoke but basically he had recent co0nverts from the mission frowd who are know missionaries come up and give their story. One kid was from ATL, another from North Carolina, and they have been converts for just over a year. It was really cool to see, and hear about their stories. My district is awesome tho. We all get a long so well, it is so much fun. Going to suck when we all have to leave tho. But, it hasnt even been a month yet, so that day is kinda far off. How are things in the real world? How was the Foo's performance at the grammys? Oh, right now i am in alma 17 or somerthing like that. So sick when Alma the younger and Amulek walked out of the prison that just crumbled behind them. SOOOO COOOL! Hopefully i will start to get into Teancums story. Basically the first balck ops agent ever! Well, love you guys so much. Miss you all and Hope everything is going well.
Love, Elder Welling!!!

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