Tyler at MTC -- Hola Mi Familia

Hola Mi Familia Y Amigos.
WHatuppppppp!, So, this week was meh. Nothing to cool happened just the same old Class for 9 hours a day and stuff. But, i have recently stopped playing Basketball because the competition is sooo bad. So, i have recently been playing volleyball in my gym time. It is so dope. Me and Elder Laulusa ( who is in my district) and good. He is really good, played in HS and stuff, but i am picking it up quick. I love getting a solid spike. haha, but it has been tons of fun and more chill than basketball. We have started running to on P-Days, doing like 4 laps around the MTC so it is great. I was sucking air tho. lol But, as for my district and everything they are doing good. I was getting really annoyed by 3 of the Elders in the District, they were being really immature and just annoying. But it is a little better now. OHHHHHH, so my Elder has a Lightweight Ear Infection. So, we went to the doctors yesterday here at the MTC then we had to go and pick up perscriptions!! IT was in the OUTSIDE WORLD. So crazy! We walked like a Block towards BYU, I was hoping Blake would randomly drive by. haha But, it was great. My favorite meal in the cafeteria proly is the Biscuits and Gravy. Just goes to show that all of the other food is well......edible. haha Blake, what the heck is the RC? i have no idea. Also, i went to look for your TIE......and sadly i could not find it...:( And no, i havent seen kyle since i took that pic with him. But, i did see the guy who was in our ward who served his mission in mongolia. I have yet to see JC where does he work? which Building.....? But, other than that, it was just a really normal week here. Lots of spanish and all that other good stuff. Oh, and we got a new district. they are pretty chill. Oh, and DAD, you wanted to know the Presidents Whole name. It is President Gordon Brown....ring a bell? OHHHHH, and what the heck!!! Why did nobody tell me Jeremy Evans was in the DUNK contest!!!! AND WON!!!!! I was freaking out, my companions dad sent him a picture of Evans dunking 2 balls over Hayward! SICK. also, how did Hayward and Favors do in the Rookie Sophomore game? FIll me in with Dear Elders. But, gotta bounce now. Love yall. Hope everyone that is reading this is doign awesome. Pretty Bird, Pretty Bird.
Elder Welling.

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