Elder Welling's Aljazeera Interview at the MTC

Dear Family and Friends

Elders Watts and Welling along with Sisters Potts and Andersen have had a remarkable week. These 4 wonderful missionaries were selected to be interviewed last Friday by the Aljazeera Network which covers news around the world for the Islamic world and many Christian countries. The network potentially reaches 240 million homes around the world. The missionaries will be in a documentary hosted by Mr Bob Abeshouse to be shown in April 2012. You should look for the broadcast on the internet and can be seen via the internet at a future date.

The missionaries were absolutely magnificent in the interview. They were poised, handling questions with maturity and thoughtful answers. Most importantly they radiated the light of Christ and were filled with Power and Authority as they answered questions. The Holy Ghost was the constant companion to each missionary during the interview.

Last night was our weekly fireside for all 2000 missionaries. We had the 4 missionaries come to the stand and they participated with me in a round table discussion on the Aljazeera interview they had on Friday. Again, they handled themselves with maturity and dignity. As families you have done a wonderful job is raising these choice young people.

May the Lord bless you.

Gordon D. Brown

MTC president

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