1st Email - Going into the MTC January 18, 2012, My First Week

Hello Family, I am sitting at the MTC right now, with 27 minutes left as a write. So,if i make mistakes it is because i did not go back nd fix them. So, last we talked was when you dropped me off which absolutly sucked. Ben Van Duzor was a little guardian angel like you said mom. But, now as the past couple days have gone by i have started to settle in and become good friends with basically everybody here. My companion is going to the same mission as me, Cali Mission. His name is Elder Watts from sandy. Our District gets along great with eachother. Which is really nice, our zone is great too. I found that i am the BEST at basketball out of everyone i think in the MTC, lol. It is super easy when i play. I can hit the fadeaway J like nothing. So, spanish basically sucks. I suck at it. But, i will get there eventually. We sang Called to serve at the devotional on Sunday, it was awesome. Then, after the devotional we got to watch the testament. It was great, i had never seen it before and could have esaily cried while watching it. But, i resisted. lol So, how is everythuingi with the Jazz sucks that they lost to the MAVs, and i HATE KYLE WILLIAMS: Lost the game single handly for the Niners sounds like. Which SUCKSSSS. Hopefully they will be in the same positiion next year, and the eyar after trhat. But I am having fun here in the MTC, Blake needs to tell me which building my Tie is in. I am the most southern dormitry uint eh area. And no, we didnt get to go on the temple walk, because misssionaries had set up meetings with their familes so we could not go. Our Branch Pres is annoying. Basically says that we cannot do anything at ALL! He is not very cool. But his secretarty is The Domans....he is the older brother of the offensive coordiantor for BYU. He is way cool. But, i feel like the rules here are worse than when in prioson. Whcih is proly true. People judge you so much it is ridiculous. Me and 3 other elders were ├▒ike 25 seconds late to a class and this Hermana read us the scripture about the 10 virgins, and how 5 of them didnt bring oil so they went to go buy some, but were late so they were not let in the door. Ya, people put you on blast with scripture which is werid. But overall, the MTC is pretty fun. Missing all of you though, Saying goodbye was the worst. then the Niner game was a close second when i heard. Food is alright. Nothing to bad or too good. Also, i am the most tired i have ever been, i never get a good night of sleep because it randomly gets really cold. But ya, we are already starting to teach investigators(fake). but it is really hard, and he have to do it in espanol. so it sucks!! i can kinda understand what they say, but i just dont know how to say anything back. So that is what i am doing everyday. Love you all, and i miss you more than you know.
Love, Elder Welling.
P.S thanks for all of the packages and everything. they are sweet, and i really like dear elders. haha. btw, i got shots here so if either one of you mom or dad could pay it that be great, cause me no have enough money. haha To pay it off call this number...8014228940. Please that would be great..and where is the tie again blake, love you all! And MOM if yiou could send me all of everybodys emails thatd be great or ask blake to do it cause i do not have his email. Love ya

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