5th Week in the MTC

Hola mi familia y mi amigos.
Que tal? i am just chillin here on P-Day, not much going on. Besides the fact i am a celebrity once again in the MTC. hah As i guess you all have heard, i got interview by Aljeezera. It was pretty dope. I will og through the week so you all know what i went through. I will start on tuesday. So, tueday aboiut 10 oclock i am just chillin in the classroom right before we are about to go to TALL(computer lab program) and then we get called down to go to the Presidents room, it was pretty weird and unexpected. (i personally thought we were introuble.) but anyways he just wanted to talk to us about why wer are here and how our spanish is going. Then, he said he knew Grandpa Clark Welling. He said how good of a man he was. I thought you would like to hear that dad. But then he just chatted with us about why we are here and everything like that. It was sweet. Then we went back and finished out our day. I faked to all of my guys in the district that we were being sent home and they all fell for it. haha :) but anyways wednesday rolls around and Spencer Christiansen head of operations over the MTC snagged us from class, asked my Comapnion and I if we would like to be in the interview with Aljeezera. So we said "yes." It was great. had practice that day for about an hour saying what to say and what not to say. Basically saying by listening to our message we can help you in your life and things like that.. So, then the interview rolls around and the Crew was actually from New York. But, overall the questions were pretty fair. I killed it, definetly helped to have opractice, it was tons of fun. Then, sunday devotional rolls around President Brown calls me and my comapanion and the other 2 sisters who were with us and asked us some questions infront of 2,500 missionaries. It was great! The meeting was basically on us. Kinda weird, but awesome. Said how hard he work and how the spirit was definetly with us when interviewing. It was really cool. I had so much fun. (i love that stuff tho. haha) So, this week was very interesting and cool. I loved every minute of it. I learned a lot too. Then, after devotional we got to watch the Testaments again and yes Blake & Derrick, i heard the dinosaur soiunds this time. haah. But mom, it is OK to send me Normal sized Can of Cokes. haha, Blake i am going to find that Tie today. haha, and spanish is still difficult. :( Um, idk. my week was great, love you all so much, and miss you a ton more. Just when i think you cant do anything stupider, you go and do something like this......AND TOTALLY REDEEM YOURSELF. name that movie. :)
Elder Welling como un jefe.

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