3rd Week in the MTC

Hello familia,
How are you all doing this week. I am doing well, but the keyboad i am typing on sucks once again. so sorry for the mistakes. Basically, in the mTC now, it is very fun with my companion and stuff, everyone is starting to bond well, and get better about knowing when to be serious and when to have fun. Everythinmgh is great tho. except for the spanish stuff. I got really frusterated with it. It is just really hard and you have to think a different way. It is kinda like if you were to talk asz yoda. Have fun you will. lol it is really difficult for me to think that way. But I am trying hard and know that it will co9me.......everutally. But yea, my companion once again cause everybody is aksing is from Sandy utah, he went to Brighton HS. Yes we are going to the same mission. So, it is going well. Sorry i havent written you all more, i finally just not got stamps and i have no ones address. But Hopefully all of yu can send me mailing addresses. Such as Adam in england,. Garret Price in Brazil, Mitch Fultz in San jose, and WAlker in Frnce. That is my challenge to all of you is to get me their addresses. I am loving the BOM, learning so much here, it is such a cool stry and book. I am at the point where alma takes the people of his village back to Zarahemla. So, it is awesome. Almost to all te sweet wars. So, tots digging that. Yes blake, Pres Holland and Bednar came. it was sweet. just talked about mission work and how we must go to everyboidy and share our messgae with tthem. Really cool message, my whole district was in the choir so we had a reserved seat. :) sneaky. We all get along really well, and proly hav the best district in the MTC mainly because i am in it. haha jk, the christlike atrtribute i am working on is humility. haha But yeah, everything here is great. Same thing every dsay so not much is new. lol going to the temple later today which i am excited for. there are 2 elders in my district who know a ton. They are so smart, one of them has even read the entire bible. CRAZY. How are things going in your life. Blake you are failing at Dear Elder. supposed to send me jazz up date and stats after every game so i get it the next day. haha Gradma sends me news ckippings of te game which is awesome. haha Love you guys so much. Miss you all a ton too. I'm kind of a big deal- Mr Burgendy.
Elder Welling. :)

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