7th Week at the MTC

Hello everybody. Another week in the books. It is the exactly same thing every week, so i am going to chit chat about Alex Boye!!! He gave the talk for our Fireside this past sunday! It was so SICK! He was making hilarious jokes, mainly about being black and liking chicken! haha so good. But other than that he just had a super good talk about never being negativeand always being positive! 2 Nephi 27:27 i think. and another scripture in Psalms, but it was just fantastic. His story was so cool! And of course he sang and was amazing! He first just sang a normal hymm, then he did his own little rendition of Be Still My Soul, it was soo good! He was walking around the whole gym singing it, going up and down the bleachers, haha so good though! It was his first time speaking at the MTC and i doubt that he get asked back again! haha. But not much is new, i still havent found blakes tie, Still trying hard with spanish and just working hard. Oh, but this past week i went into the outside world, about a block down from the MTC. SO SKETCH, lol it was awkward. My companion had to pick up some meds for an ear infection so we walked about 300 yards down the street. lol crazy. But overall, my district is doing good, and so is my companion. I have recently begun to play foursquare because Basketball is too easy, and lets just say there arent many people who play volleyball that can get it over the net, let alone hit it somewhat good. lol But otherwise in my reading i am almost done with 3rd Nephi, it is awesome and we all know why! :) But, it is great. Oh ya, and with my companion whenever we log onto computers we pretend like we were playing SC2, saying things like "Thor is here!", "Can't Build There.", "Need more Supply." "I'm supply blocked." Ghost Reporting.","Need more vespene Gas", and many more, it is great fun. lol Im sure Blake will be the only one to get it. lol But otherwise, i am doing great. My Visa already got through like the second week i was here, i still have to get one shot before i leave. I have heard nothing about my departure date, Nick Sessions left on the 3rd. I got all of his information and everything, he was doing good. Oh, and NO i do not need any more cnady. lol tooo mcuh. haha But thanks so much for all of the packages. Love yall and miss ya a ton too. "Black mail, black mail, jury duty, black mail, pink slip, jury duty, jury duty." :) The grinch!
Elder Welling
Como un jefe.

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