9th Week - Last Week at the MTC

CRAZYYYYYYYY!! Week 9 is already here and i leave in a week. I got my travel plans........I have my flight to ATL at 830 in the morning...flight number 1524. lol then i go from ATL to Bogota Colombia. Says i will be in ATL at 215-450. Long layover. So expect phone calss from me, i am going to buy a Phone card. Two actually so i can call yall. Nuts that that time is already here. I am freaking out, Not sure if i am ready at all to go. My spanish is garbage compared to where i think it should be. But, we will see what happens tho. So i finished the BOM. It is awesome. So many cool things in it. But, i dont know what my favorite stories are. And this week i am being one of the Missionaries that starts off the teacing infron of another 100 new missionaries, i think Blake knows what i am kinda talking about. But yea, they said we were reccommened by our teachers on our teaching skills......i was like....what? lol So another fun experience infront of a crowd of people. lol SO, everything here is good. Just trying to fit in everything really quickly. lol Blake, you should tell Kyle to stay outside of my classroom in 17m, so that he can come up with me and take your sweater away from my room and also the blanket i have. lol I dont wanna mail them.And, nope i do not need anything else, i have it all good. Thanks But yeah, I am stoked to go out, but scarred for how bad the first couple months will be. lol Sounds like Cali was awesome. I hate you Blake for getting a Daves Burger!!! lol But yeah, i will jut finish this week strong and next week my email will be on monday, that is the Preperation day because i fly out on Tuesday the 20th. Sounds like you all are doing well. Love all of you so much and you all should go read Ether 12. one of my favorite Chapters. Love you all so much.
Hey guys, I found these fireworks in the Bathroom, would you like to go and set them off with me?- Hotrod.
Elder Welling.

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