Preparing for Consejo and Welcoming New Missionaries!

Elder Welling with new Elders and his fellow office crew.

Love this! Elder Welling and his comp, Elder Menendez meeting with new missionaries
August 3, 2013
Hey Familia and Friends, 
So to start off, I am doing great, and I am having a good time in the office. I'm really learning a lot during my time in here in the office. So things are going well. During this week a lot of the time we were meeting with President Prince to talk a lot about the conferences that will be coming up during this month. Also, this month we have Consejo, which will be in like two weeks, so that will be so great.

Elder Welling loves to eat-can you tell?
But overall the things here are great. Yesterday we had another baptism that went awesome. It was the Hermano of another member that was recently baptized. siguiendo la vena. muhhaah. But things here are great. We had to change our apartment to where the Torgersons lived. Which was an a bit of an adjustment,  because the other house was better...But it's all good. 
We are doing fitness as a group of elders in the office, which is nice. But now there is not another place to in progress.....Also, we run to Chipechape ( a mall ) about 2-3 times a week with President Prince. It's about 10km...I usually finish with lots of energy, so that's cool. Ironman in the future? haha.
Elder Welling and Elder Menendez with new missionaries.
No, but things here are great. This week we are going to do a Semana of the Siembra, which is basically where we find a ton of people. Over the last two months the mission finds about 1100 new people to teach every week, about 10.5 every pair of companions. But this week we are focused on mainly finding families and men that can have the sacerdocio. We know that if we do all we can to find them we will find them. And the church will grow better and be more stable here. 
We are close to changing San Fernando from a Rama to a Barrio, which I hope we can do before my time here is done. But yeah, that's basically it. This week should be a bit more hectic, but I am excited! It's a lot of fun in the office, I just hope I do a good job.

Love you all!
Can you pick out Elder Welling?
p.s. Today I bought a cool brasil soccer jersey, and usually people guess I am a gringo o brasilero. So that's cool :)

Elder Welling
Mission Cali Colombia

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