I'm the New AP for the Colombia Cali Mission, What a Big, Great Week!

Elder Welling with Pres. Prince and Elder Menendez at Cristo Rey, new AP's
Elder Welling, Elder Alvaros (AP going to BV), with Pres. Prince, Elder Menendez at Cristo Rey
July 1, 2013

So really quick, I will write you all later more. But I got a call by President Prince on Saturday to be an Assisstant of his with Elder Menendez. So now I am an AP. So I am here now in Cali after a long bus ride. So I am good here in the office. but yeah, I will fill you in all later. Ya, I'm stoked. A great opportunity to learn.
Elder Tyler Welling
Elder Welling (center) and Fellow Missionaries looking out over Cali.
Elder Welling back eating lunch as new AP at Mission Home

July 6, 2013

Ok Family and Friends, 

So i am here in the office right now and it is going great here. But I am extremely tired in every second of every day. But ok, so I will walk you through the last week. So I got a call from President Prince on Saturday night at about 9 oclock when we had finished the baptisms. He called and told me that Elder Avalos(old AP) was going to leave and was going to BV. So he called me asking me if I thought that I was ready to join the new team in the office as the new assistant. Which I told him I am, and I would be honored. So that was intense! Went home and packed my bags, because I 

had to leave the next night at about 3 in the afternoon. So...that was nuts. went to church and took pictures with the whole world. And then basically didn't have any time to say goodbye to anybody, which really was sad

But then got on a bus by myself......that was weird cuz as a missionary we are always in pairs of two, for a total of about 14 hours......not a fun bus ride. And finally got to Cali at about 430 in the morning. Got in a taxi and then went to the apartment of the office and went to bed for an hour.


Elder Welling, Alvaros, Menendez at Crepes and Waffles-happy!

Then the next morning woke up and went immediately went to work in the office. And then at midday we had an office meeting that went well overall. And then we had to go and drop off Elder Jara at the airport. but before we ate at a place called Crepes and Waffles. It was delicious and ya, amazing! So then, we went back to the office and went to sleep for a couple more hours till the morning. Woke up and on Tuesday we had to go and take Elder Jara to the Airport and then pick up the new elders at the same time. That was cool, it was a group of 5 elders and they all seemed pretty cool and excited to work. We did all of the normal things. Got them all ready to serve and everything. And then went to Cristo Rey and did all of the cool things.
Elder Welling saying goodbye to Elder Jara at airport.

 It was awesome! Finally at the night we
 had to do some other work in the office, 
and get ready for the Cambios the 
next day. 

Elder Welling helping new missionaries ready for new areas.
So then, on Wednesday morning woke up and went to the terminal to do the changes that all of the missionaries had being transferred to new areas. That was a little difficult, because the missionaries always are late. So we were a little behind schedule. Then I got back to the office at 10 and did the Capacitacion with the trainers with President Prince for 2 hours, and that was awesome. I felt like it went well, but who knows. haha Then at 12 that day we had a great lunch, and then in the afternoon we also did more training. So that was a good day overall, Then we had to go back to the office to do some more stuff. 
Elder Welling continues helping new missionaries.
Area of Silohe Elder Welling talked about.
But overall, I am really liking it a lot, and I am learning a lot too, which is awesome. We are doing a lot of work in an area called Silohe (a poverty stricken area with extreme violence within Cali). it reminds me a lot of Buenaventura, which is great (I loved my 6 months in BV). So I am liking it a lot and having a lot of fun. Today we played football for Pday, and I will probably go get a haircut later today. This week will also be another busy one. We are going to do a lot of divisions (go out and work with the missionaries here in Cali) this week. And also we will have the Zone Leader Council (all zone leaders in our mission will travel here to the mission home for it). So that will be a lot of fun, and i am looking forward to it. Love you all and miss you all a ton!

Elder Tyler Welling

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