4 1/2 Weeks Left......Ahhhhhhhh!

December 23, 2013

4 1/2 weeks....ahhhhhh

Hey Family and Friends,

So this past week was really long, but things are going well. 

Elder Welling and new missionaries.
We went to go pick up the new missionaries this past week on Tuesday. And we had the normal super long day where we take them around Cali to some cool touristy spots and some other stuff like that. Then during the night time I went to go say goodbye to some of the people and converts that I had worked with in the area San Fernando. It was sad to say bye to them, but I am thinking of saying bye to them again in about 5 weeeks......that is so weird...Anyways, on Wednesday we had the training and it went pretty well. And then we went off to our areas....
Elder Welling surprising Elder Frias.
Before we left it was super hard saying bye to President Prince, and I started to cry saying bye to him...ugghh He is the best mission president in the whole world. 
Then I got to my new area in Cali. The other elders that are here showed us around the first couple days. And that night on Wednesday we had a cool meeting with the bishop who really looks awesome and wants to use us a lot. So that should be great. 
But these past couple days we have been focused on finding a lot of new investigators, people who want to hear our message.....We found about 11 people in these first 4 days and some seem great and others... But looks like we should have a good transfer. The work continues. Got to go hard all the time and do my best these last few weeks.

Love you all and miss you all...not too much now cuz I'll see you all soon..., but I miss y'all...haha

Elder Welling

MisiĆ³n Cali Colombia

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