Ipiales Leadership - the Big Push and the Buenaventura Branch..Love Them!

November 18, 2013                                                                
Leadership Counsel in Ipiales--Big Push of Pres. Prince's car.

 Hey Family and Friends! 

How are you all doing? I'm here in the great city of Ipiales. Yup, I returned.. I am only here for today, because we have special training that we are going to do with the missionaries. Should be fun. lt will be tomorrow in Pasto. But, also I will be visiting all of the members and converts that I had here today, so that should be fun.

But as for last week. It was great. We had the Leadership council and that just turned out great. We did a cool exercise with all of the ZLs, where they had to push President's car up three floors in the parking garage to the top. It was awesome. hahah!!

Everyone loved it, and we related it to the missionary work that we are doing right now. The mission is doing great, so we are focusing on having a "Big Push."So in the next 2 weeks we want to have 6 people in the church on 23 of November. On the first of December we want to have 7 assisting in every zone. Should be awesome. Hopefully it turns out great.
Elder Welling's beloved Buenaventura Branch
Hermana Prince said they had 140 in attendance this Sunday 
and families who had just been sealed in the temple bore testimony.
This is the gospel in action...this is an incredible blessing.

Umm, I  am doing great with Elder Labar. We are having a good time, and we work well together. Yesterday the drive from Cali to Ipiales was terrible, as always :) But things are going well. Umm, idk what more to say. This week should be hectic running from zone to zone doing the trainings with them all. But it should be really fun and I Love doing the Lord's Work! Hope you are all doing well and loving life.

Love you all! 
Elder WellingMisión Cali Colombia

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