Week After Training, Pictures, and New Investigators!

November 9, 2013

Hola Family and Friends,

So this past week was awesome. Got a new comp..its Elder LaBar. He is the New AP, so that is super awesome, like I think I told you all last Monday. He is really good, and we have been good friends since I was in Ipiales. Hopefully we can do good work together here in the office. Should be great.

But this last week has been kinda slow. Pres is out of town so we haven't gotten a chance to plan with him to do all of these meetings that are coming up next week. But we should meet up with him later. We are doing really well as of right now... Every morning my two gringo comps and I do insanity exercise in the morning. We wake up at about 610 to do it. Its awesome and so good for you. Way hard, but it is a good workout every morning.  Um, what else, we had a good day yesterday. We found 8 new investigators yesterday, a lot of them seem very good. So today we are going go go around and visit them all to tell them to come to church. Hopefully it all goes well, and we can end up inviting a lot of people. But, we will see what happens. Umm, What else, this week should be good. We should be getting together a lot with President to plan out everything. Umm, today we went to Centro and I got a mini tripod for my camera and yeah. Then we just got back from eating McDonalds...so it was a great day! Super excited for this transfer. Will be great! Love you all and miss you!

Come on ya'll, let's GOOOOO- Insanity
Elder WellingMisiĆ³n Cali Colombia


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