Oscar's Special Baptism Day

Special baptism day for young Oscar in new Israel area. 
December 30, 2013

Hey Family and Friends,

First off, it was great to see you all, family, on Christmas Day. It was awesome skyping and seeing everybody. I had a blast seeing you all, but it was super weird, because I will be seeing you all in less than a month....what!!!!!!! ahhh nuts.

Well, last week had another baptism. It was a young boy whose name is Oscar. He is great! I will send you all a picture of that. He is a cool kid who is really tender and accepting of the gospel.

This past week, aside from the baptism, was slow.- we didn't teach many lessons, but tried our hardest. Hoping this next week will be better. We will still be focusing a lot on the less actives and helping them get their testimony back.
On other news, my companion returned home to Argentina today....So, I am going to be getting a new companion tomorrow. That'll be different, haven't had that happen to me until now. But other than that, things are going well. Still lovin the mish, and I am working as hard as I can every day. 
Love you all. Hope you are all doing well, and will put some great goals together for this coming year and work hard to complete them. Many try to put goals on things we can do to become more Christ like and come closer unto Him.

Just so you all know, I want to go to a MoTab concert when I am back..haha. You never thought I would say that. :) They are awesome!!

Love you all, ttyl

Elder WellingMisión Cali Colombia

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