Our Missionary Soccer Tourney, Then David and Maria's Wedding and Baptisms!

October 26, 2013

Elder Welling and his mission soccer tourney, so fun!
Elder Welling and his great friend, Elder Edwards at the tourney.
Hey Family and Friends.

" Missionaries from Cali and   zones close by
gathered to have much FUN and LAUGHTER on their P-day
in a soccer tournament."

This week in Colombia. Well, it has been solid, but I cant believe how fast this month has gone by. October is almost over!!!! AHHHH But anyways starting on Monday. We had a big soccer tournament within the whole mission! So that was awesome....pictures to come! But anyways the week was good. I have been tired all week. The interviews with the whole mission take it out of everybody. haha We had interviews
 on Wednesday and Thursday. They went really well, and know we only have to do interviews for 2
more zones. haha It has been a long cycle with the interviews, but they have been really fun. I love it!

During the week we had a good time getting ready for 2 of our investigators to get baptized. They are awesome! They got married on Friday and then baptized                                                                                                      
Elder Welling at David and Maria Paula's wedding-great day!
yesterday!!! They are soo coool!! They're are David and MarĂ­a Paula. It's awesome! They are really excited and are doing great.

We had a party basically in the church, and everybody their sang kareoke. It was awesome. haha. I didn't get to sing, but it went really well. I am having a good time and this next week should be really good. We should be finding a lot of investigators and should have a lot of people at church. Hopefully it turns out really well. Hope you are all doing great and living it up there. Love you all so much!
one with my bro elder edwards-
other one when they got married. 
Elder WellingMission Cali Colombia

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