My Release Date Has Arrived, Another Awesome Week!

November 30, 2013

Elder Welling with his Mission Office Crew.

                               Elder Miranda: secretary to president in training
                               Elder Perez:  secretary to president
                              Elder Henao: finance secretary
                              Elder LaBar:  Assistant to President 

                              Elder Williams:  records secretary
                             Elder Welling:  Assistant to President
                            Elder Sanhueza:  finance secretary in training
                           Elder Inga: materials and housing secretary

                             Sister Prince, "This is how things happen in the mission,
                                                              with the hard work of this great office crew!"

 Hey Family and Friends,

So, this past week has been really fast, but it has been great. Tonight we will be having 3 baptisms of a family that we have been teaching for about 1.5 months. They are great and were super prepared for baptism. But anyways....

Here in Colombia, Monday was normal. We were really starting to kill it in our area. We had 14 people going to church last week...which was the highest in the mission. So that was awesome. We should have a lot of baptisms in December. I am having a ton of fun. THings are going great and as some of you might know I got my Final Release Date for 28th of January....I will get home at about midnight...haha nuts. But it is great. It is coming way to fast...less than 2 months and I'll be home. But I will keep on working my hardest to do the Lord's work.

I was reading this past week in Mateo (Matthew) 5:19. It is one of my favorite scriptures, because it talks about when we are basically converted o sea, when we don't want to do bad anymore-that we keep the covenants that we have made and then we teach others. And I think that is crucial in conversion......being converted to Christ and never falling from the Church. It is awesome. When someone is converted they only try to help others become converted. That is what we should all be searching for in this life, then conversion.

I also really like it, because we are now basically in December and serving others should be a priority. I wish I and we all could do something like what happened last year in Buenaventura - that was a huge blessing and service to others, which made me and all of us feel so good, (speaking of that, one of my converts that Elder Belnap and I had named Ruby got sealed in the temple with her husband!!!) one of the brighest times of my mission - I got to help a family be sealed in the temple for time and eternity!!! The best thing that has happened ever, and they also want to serve a mission when they are older!!! So basically, this is the month when we should really focus on serving others.

Try to become converted unto Christ and do as He would do in every second! Put off the natural man and become converted. I love this Mission, I love Christ and I know all of it is TRUE!!!!!!!

Love you all. That was my message of this week. :) 

Elder Welling
Misión Cali Colombia

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