Many Interviews and Much Fun!

October 19, 2013

Elder Welling and his fellow office crewmates during mission-wide soccer tourney

Well, what do I say. This week flew by. I can't believe it. But it was solid. I was tired the whole week, because we did interviews the whole week, basically running from one place to another. But, it has gone really well. Getting to know every missionary is awesome and I am having a lot of fun. This week coming up we will have the interviews with the zonas Calima, Aguablanca, and two other zonas I can't think of right now. But things are great.

Today we bought our jerseys for the soccer tournament that we are going to have this Monday between the whole mission. The jersey is cool, but it was only like 7 dollars..haha  I like cheap stuff. haha. But otherwise, the mission is going great. I am doing really well, too. I can't think of what more happened this week. We also had a cool webcast for the mission this past week, it went well. Basically was like I was an anchor for the mission. I taught a couple of things. I think it went well. Who knows. haha But otherwise, its kinda the same story here in the office. Not too much new to tell. But love you all!

Elder WellingMission Cali Colombia

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