My Powerful Week, Special Baptisms, Ephraim's Rescue and Christmas Conference.

Elder Welling in front with his special Cali Baptism Evening.

Elder Welling and Elder LaBar baptizing this special family in Cali.
December 7. 2013

What an awesome amazing week! I had a really spiritual, but amazing experience last week. Let's jump to it. So this past Wednesday we were in Pasto doing the Christmas conference. It was Awesome. President gave an awesome lesson on the atonement of Jesus CHrist. It was amazing. Helped me learn a lot. So during the day we also had a talent show and many other activities.
Elder Welling ready for the talent show :)
Elder Welling so hungry!


Elder Welling and Elders with Pres. and Sis. Prince.

Elder Welling festive in his hat, ready to eat.
But at the end of the conference, we watch a video called Ephraim's Rescue. It is a new movie that is just incredible. Talks about a man named Ephraim and well, you would have to watch the movie to understand it. But he basically has the gift of healing. When he goes to give someone a blessing he always washed his hands first as a symbol of being pure. And a lot of people ask him how he does it. He just tells them he tries to be a good. That really hit me. He was always ready to use his Gifts when the Lord called for him. To be able to do that he had to be ready, or pure to be able to do it. I like Ephraim, want to be able to serve the Lord at all cost and do whatever He may have me do for Him.

I want to devote my life to the Savior and be obedient to what hey may ask me. I love Him. At the end of the conference some of the Zone Leaders shared their testimonies and they were amazing. I could feel the Spirit so strongly. I was almost crying. And at the end, we sang the song, Come and Adore Him. The Christmas song. I couldn't hardly sing the song. There were tears streaming down my eyes. And I couldn't sing the words, because the Spirit was so strong. In this moment I decided to be ready for the call, just as Ephraim. Trying to be good at all times.

I love the Lord and want to be able to live with Him again. I want to have a family forever. I love you all so much. We must be true to our covenants and be willing to serve in all times. I love you all, I love Jesus Christ and I know that this is His Church. 

My wish is that you all, who read this message, will be ready and willing to serve those in need. Be ready to serve God when the time comes and we will see miracles. Share the Gospel this Christmas with people who don't yet know it, and with a prayer and sincere desire to share it. God will help you. 

Love you all. Que Dios les bendiga. :)

Elder Welling

Misión Cali Colombia

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