Merry Christmas From Buenaventura!

Elder Welling with fellow Zone missionaries receiving their Captain Moroni pins-for their good work.

Elder Welling (bottom second from the right) and his Zone with Pres. and Sister Prince-Merry Christmas.
December 24, 2012

Well, this is Christmastime in Colombia! It has been great. I will basically tell you all of the things we have done here in a list so it goes by quicker. Mainly because I am going to call you all in one hour. Sounds good....

Ok, so this past week we went caroling in Cali, was awesome. About 26 missionaries walking up and down streets, singing in grocery stores, and sharing small messages with the people of Colombia! It was amazing. I definitely felt the peace of Christmastime so much. I loved it.

We had a good time with President. He gave us a devotional during the Christmastime. It was amazing, just about the Christmastime and the story of Christ. Throughout the devotional we were singing Christmas hymns, it was really special. He and the Hermana Prince also had us write down our gifts to Christ, so during the coming months of interviews and everything we will see if we are completing our gifts to  Christ. I hope I can continue to do my best. I am loving the Christmastime here and everything.

I can truly say I have learned the True Meaning of Christmas. This Christmastime has taught me so much. We have shared the message of Christ in Lucas 2 so many times, and I learn something more every time. I love my mission, I hope i can continue to work hard, learn more, and grow to really know and have an understanding for Christ, For all His work and his glory.

Saying I don't miss you all would be a big Lie, especially because tomorrow I know there are going to be some sweet basketball o no. But I am extremely happy. I am here and sharing this message with all of the people of Colombia.

As for the work, it was hard this week and isn't the same BV it was before. There is some contention in the house and it is hard to play and be friends with both sides. The work has slowed because of it. I hope that things will get better, and I will do all that I can to help people and lift them up, to realize their potential. Love you all and miss you.

PS: Picture below of Elder Welling holding up his boots during our Christmas call...Thank you Elder Belnap for passing them onto him.
Elder Tyler Welling  

Elder Welling during our Christmas call holds up his boots/shoes-thank you Elder Belnap.

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