Farewell Buenaventura, Hello Ipiales!

Elder Welling loves his BV Branch Pres and Family.
January 7, 2013

Hello famiilia y amigos. Les amo mucho. this week was great. worked my tail off here in BV. We found a bunch of people. We put baptism dates together for them. And we just worked way hard. It was a great way to finish my time here in BV Gave it my all. and I have accomplished a lot since I have been here. I decided to change the email this week to say all the things I have done since my first day here in Buenaventura.

On the Bus with Belnap was the first day. We talked for 3 straight hours about our pasts, our futures and what we wanted to accomplish in BV. It was great. I remember crapping bullets and going right to work. We immediately divided the areas. Got to know the members and Investigators. We had church in a garage the first couple weeks. 
Elder Welling's beautiful Buenaventura Baptism Day in River

Went on a hike. ALmost got lost. Threw rocks in the water, found a Casa Capilla. Had baptisms in a river. Taught English in a University with a ton of Snakes! Made shirts that would fit small men or GFs. Made some more shirts, painted a bed. Cried many times!! Tripped a lot. Bought shoes, went to Cali in a crappy bus multiples times, had 10 baptisms in a month. Made life long and forever friends! Went on a Brujita. 

Played BBall, soccer football, caroled in a park in front of 200 people...no one listened.....lol. Sang at a Novena. And have had the best 6 months of my life!! Inviting people to change their lives...forever! 
Elder Welling hikes Buenaventura

This morning the assistant to President Prince called, and said I have a change along with 2 other elders here. I am leaving Buenaventura. I am leaving it, and I know I gave my all. I Loved my time here!! But, I know I will come back before this next year is over. 

Best of all, we constructed the Lord's church here in this beautiful, hot, humid, humble city of Buenaventura!!


Elder Welling loves his Buenaventura Branch!
     Love you all,  Elder Welling
Elder Tyler Welling

Now onto Ipiales, between the jungle/Pacific coast and the Andes Mtns at 9,500 feet above sea level-it's cold there, at the border of Ecuador.

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