A Great Week-Our Buenaventura Branch Open House

Elder Welling with Pres and Sister Prince and fellow BV missionaries at Open House
Elder Welling day of their BV Open House
December 31, 2012

Hey Family and Friends!!!

This week was hectic. But it was really rewarding at the same time. We had Pres and Hermana Prince come into town for a Open House here in the Church in BV. I was sick for 2 days and many other things.

To start off, once again didn't do too much stuff for Monday, Christmas Eve. We had Christmas Eve dinner here in BV. I am pretty sure we were all just washing our clothes in the washer machine that day, too...which I really just think spins all the clothes in a small circle in the dirty water and everything. So that doesn't get them very clean.....clothes came out smelling worse than when they went in. Which really shows me how cool dryers are. haha.

On Tuesday, Christmas Day, we had the whole BV Branch help us clean the church to make it great for the activity. I even held a big IGUANA........I couldn't go out Wedesday, because I was sick. So I depended on the other 4 missionaries to be able to get the message out to everybody about the Open House we had on Thursday. 

Elder Welling and his Iguana
So in came Pres Prince and the AP Elder Paez on Thursday around lunch. Basically did preparations for the activity that day, and at night the activity hit. It wazs AWESOME!!!!  About 130 people showed up and fit into the small house we have here for the church. And it was amazing!! I lead the mtg...hopefully everyone understood me, and then we had a message from one of the members and then Pres Prince gave a great message about the restoration of the gospel. It all went amazing. So that was awesome!! 

Afterwards I did a baptismal interview for a baptism this Saturday for a girl named Anna Maria, which was great. After that I headed down stairs, and we took pictures with Pres and Hermana Prince and all the other missionaries, then headed back to the house.

Elder Paez gave us props for the great job we did having such an amazing activity and Open House. He said that this was the most successful Casa Abierta that he had seen in the mish. He also said that a lot of the Barrios couldn't do what we did. It overall was just an excellent day!!

Then the Next day we saw the Familia Prince head off to Cali and we went back to work. It was a great couple of days! It was great to work on Friday, too. Then we worked like normal and had fun while doing it. Something that has been lacking here in BV...FUN!  I think that is a huge key to the work here in the mish...FUN..You have got to have fun when working, or you just don't have the attitude and the Spirit
a missionary needs-being happy and joyful about our working together as we serve the Lord.

Then on Sunday not many people came to church, because they were all going out of town and such with the holidays, but overall it was a good day.
Here's a pic of the big iguana I found in our church :)

Love you all and miss you a ton!!

Elder Tyler Welling


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