It's All Good...Cali and Baptisms This Week

Elder Welling and Elder Tauaese in Cali Saying "See you later."
Dec. 17, 2012                                                     

WHAT'S Good Family and Friends!
I can't believe how fast the weeks are flying by. Once again I will start with Tuesday and what we did. We basically got up super early in the morning to go to Cali and that was an experience, haha!! But we got there and had interviews with President Prince. We basically just talked about the work and Buenaventura. It was not really an interview, but nonetheless it was good to get to see some of the missionaries and meet some of the new guys. I will tell you why after.

But on Wednesday, we got some people ready for baptisms. So we went and taught the lessons to them, and made sure that they were doing well, WHICH they were. One of the men who got baptized is named was David, he is awesome - really ready for the gospel and really humble. SO that was awesome!

n Friday,the leaders of the zone came and did the baptism interviews with us, they both went great. But then the night time came, and let me tell you, impossible to sleep in the house with 8 missionaries, haha!!!  But it was solid and a good day overall. Then on Friday night we got to watch the conference of the missionaries singing in Cali for Christmas. So it was a pretty chill day.

Then Saturday came, and we had 2 baptisms, David, and a kid named Christian. I wore a pretty cool tie too...........shoutout!! ................

Elder Welling's Baptism Day for David and Christian in BV

Then on Sunday, yesterday, one of the elders got sick, and he is still feeling under the weather, which bring me to my next point... I am now in Cali!!  We woke up way early this morning, because tomorrow we have a Conference for 1 hour with President Prince, and then we will head back to BV.

Today was sad, though. It was great but sad at the same time.... We were playing sports and my other best bro in the mission is going home. Today was the last time I was going to see him again, so of course I cried again I don't like that part of mish for that reason, saying bye to people, it's hard to say goodbye!  But it will be great, because I will see him again soon.

The mish is really starting the fly by now! I can't believe it. I'm loving it and I will def miss the One and only Elder Tauaese!!!

Love you all, hope you have a great day! Now I am going to go sing to people in random parks.....O Holy Night!!!.....Another shoutout Bnap...all my family and my awesome friends, you know who you are!!   

Love you all.

Elder Tyler Welling

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