Slow Week...But Good

 Elder Welling with his 5 new missionaries in Buenaventura

December 10, 2012

Hey Family and Friends,

Hmm, what to say what to say. This week was good, but long also. I felt kinda lost in the area.

I will start with Tuesday, we had the normal district meeting. It went well. We put some dates up for some events that we want to do here in the branch in Buenaventura. One is that we are going to do a huge open house. PRES. PRINCE IS COMING TOO, ON THE 27TH in the evening to do the open house with us here in Buenaventura. We are thinking of more ways to invite a ton of people here in BV to come to the church. Hopefully this will work, our goal is to have over 200 people join us. I think we will do it, but it all needs to be planned out. 200 won't just come unless its planned well. Everything must be planned in the mission, that is something that will help me a lot in the future.

As for the week, it was hard, a ton of the meeting that we had arranged fell through. So that was a bummer and kinda disappointing. But that means we just have to change some things up, change the way we work. We want this great open house activity to have so many people that the church breaks......ok not really, but we want a lot.

Things are good though. The house, as in the missionaries that I live with (3 missionaries-my companion from the Dominican Republic and 2 newer gringos) was a little tense at times because people sometimes just get mad for little things. But it was good, because later we had a talk altogether, like an inventory meeting to get everything straightned out. So things went great after that!

Then on Sunday, the attendance dropped. I don't think we had quite 100, but it was still a good day. I gave a talk on the birth of Christ. I hope it went well. Everybody was saying to me that my Spanish has gotten a ton better, so I am super happy and thankful for that. Now I am typing on the computer the things I did last week, so I am going to stop typing now, haha.

Love you all and miss you. Hope your week's were great. And that is so awesome that my family got to see, meet and hear the best companion in the world, Elder Belnap, talk at his church yesterday!

Elder Welling

Elder Tyler Welling

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