What's Up? An Earthquake and 10 New Members!

Elder Welling is 3rd from the right at their baptism with his fellow Elders and their 10 new members.
October 1, 2012

What up family and friends!

Chillin here right now in the computer store, frying from the heat here in BV right now- today. Tried to make chocolate chip cookies earlier, but the oven broke. The city smells bad, and it rains everyday. But man, I am LOVING IT HERE in this TOWN! I have had so much fun with great experiences, and it is just getting started!

So Elder Belnap, and I finished this month with 10 baptisms for our companionship here in BV :) We learned that no one has had 10 baptisms in one month in over 3 years here in our Cali, Colombia Mission! So, we were stoked, but we also know that some of our plans fell through, and we can work harder and do better!

Our 10 awesome new members we baptized are Christian, Emma, Maira, Michael, Johan, Junior, Christian, Ruby, Elkin and Marvin. We worked hard with them, and loved it!  All of these great people wanted a change in their lives, and realized that this was it - to be blessed with the Gospel!  It was AMAZING!  

Not to mention I am stoked, because the 49ers finally snapped out of their playing and dominated! Wooo!  But I am doing great here!!

We have some huge plans coming up for the next months, and I am just loving life here! A lot of the people who were also going to get baptized this week didn't, because their parents said, "no." It is different here that way, because their parents are already members of the Church, and everything. But I don't know, it's different that way.

YES, I DID FEEL the EARTHQUAKE, it was soooo AWESOME!! I like things like that! Why? I don't know!  But it was cool!  It was during the second hour of church, and some of the people and members were freaking out and everything. But it was fun to me, and I enjoyed it, haha! Also, on a serious note, some bad things did happen from the earthquake. Some houses of our members are falling now, because of it. And there are other problems now, too, such as the water.

Know that I am having fun, and love doing our missionary work. And I am loving Buenaventura!  I never want to leave here!!  There is nothing like this town!  Turin Turan!  But what else... today we didn't do anything special for pday, because there is nothing to do. But it is all good!

The kids here in the city are funny, because they say something in English, and we talk back. And of course they just look at us with a blank face. It is so funny:)

I Love you all! This was my week, next week will be better! Peace Pelados!

Elder Tyler Welling

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