What's Up? Conference, Iguana and Jesus Lizard

Monday, October 8, 2012      

Iguana like the one on their church.


Whats up! So this week was busy and filled with a ton of stuff to do. We didn't get to do much teaching and things like that, because we were getting the church ready for General Conference. So basically on Pday we don't do much here....well, because there is not to much to do in Buenaventura. But it is still Awesome!

We were going to go to Cali for today, but plans changed so we didn't head out. But anyways, with this week we had to get the church ready and make sure everything was fine. We got cable put into the Church, which was a hassel, the guy that was supposed to put it in said he would be there two times, but was never there. So we could never really do it, and we would be waiting on him. It just wasted some valuable time.

Then later, we had to somehow make it so our Church had Water. The church only gets water in the afternoon, so that is kinda terrible and gross. Basically the bathrooms wouldn't work...get the picture?? So basically, we did a lot of running back and forth the whole week to make sure everything would turn out GREAT! During Conference over the weekend, Elder Belnap, and I were watching  the Conference talks in a different room of our Casa Capilla. Then BOOM, I saw a huge IGUANA on the roof of our Church house. It was pretty awesome, then it ran away.

One time we had one of those JESUS LIZARDS in our house! It totally ran on its hind legs. It was hilarious, Good Stuff!!  Also, in the neighbors house this week there was a big Snake. Soooo....now I am scared to go into the Church First...haha...lol!!! 

But things are great, Conference was awesome!! I had to watch the Priesthood in Spanish, but overall it was awesome! I loved President Monson's talk in Priesthood. But overall, I really loved Pres. Uchtdorfs talk on the first day. That was my favorite! 

In the Book of Mormon, I love Alma 23-26 when the people get a real repentance, and in Alma 26 when the sons of Mosiah talk about their Missions. Oh and man, I was shocked at Pres. Monson's announcement that missionaries can go at ages 18 for boys and 19 for girls now...haha Elder Belanp was like....why nowwwwww??? haha

But yeah, that is basically my week, love you all, miss you all. Hope everything goes great!!!! Elder Welling.

Elder Tyler Welling    

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